Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails
Love Never Fails is a gospel-driven charity mission to impoverished and outcast communities in Addis Ababa and Sendafa town of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, many women who come to Love Never Fails for help are HIV positive, live in poverty, or support themselves through prostitution. Love Never Fails shares the Gospel of Jesus and teaches these women to hope in Christ. Love Never Fails provides short job training sessions and helps the beneficiaries start their own businesses. In addition, love Never Fails offers tutoring and schooling assistance to the children of these women as additional support in their journey to freedom from prostitution and ending their cycle of poverty. Also, as a free medical mission, the staff of Love Never Fails encounters and cares for the daily physical needs of many men and women living with HIV/ AIDS. Love Never Fails cares for the least of these with the compassion of Christ, taking every opportunity to share the hope of the Gospel to change their lives. How to pray for Love Never Fails:
  • Pray that Love Never Fails can continue to find job training and employment for women leaving a life of prostitution.
  • Pray that through the work of Love Never Fails, many men and women with AIDS will come to know the compassion of Christ. Pray that they will be comforted in body and soul.
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