Love Link

Love Link
Love Link is a Christian mission serving families from the slums of San Salvador, El Salvador. Malnourished babies, aged 1 to 18 months, are brought to the center from local hospitals. Most of the babies brought to Love Link are near death when they arrive. Love Link provides round-the-clock care for up to 25 babies at a time, nourishing them and eventually restoring them to their families. Love Link also provides outreach to their surrounding community by serving free lunches daily to over 600 kids at three children's dining rooms. How to pray for Love Link:
  • Please pray for the babies at Love Link. Pray that the Great Physician would heal these babies that arrive there severely malnourished.
  • Pray for the now healthy babies as they are restored to their families that God would continue his faithfulness as he provides for their needs.
  • Please pray for Love Link as they continue in outreach. They recently opened a new Children’s dining room in Canton la Coquerita, El Salvador, where they will be supplying food along with medical and nutritional check-ups.
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