Jars of Oil Mission Africa

Jars of Oil Mission Africa
Jars of Oil Mission Africa (JOMA) is a ministry to grandmothers who have lost their own children to AIDS and are now caring for their grandchildren. With compassion, the ministry breaks through the shame and stigma associated with AIDS to meet physical and spiritual needs. JOMA feeds families by delivering food packages and helping the "grannies" start gardens. The gardens provide a source of food, income, and dignity. Many of the grannies suffer from HIV or other illnesses. JOMA arrange for the grannies to receive the medical treatment they need. The staff visits frequently; encouraging and praying with these women. The love of Christ, shown by JOMA is transforming lives. How to pray for Jars of Oil Mission Africa:
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to grow the ministry and more grannies will be reached with the love of Christ.
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