Hope in the Morning

Hope in the Morning
Hope in the Morning (Yengat Birhan) is a refuge for the needy, serving 243 widows, single mothers, and orphans in the slums outside of Addis Ababa.  Women receive job training, health care, counseling, and income-generating opportunities.  With this support, they gain self-esteem and can provide for the basic needs of their families.  Hope in the Morning's holistic approach to ministry meets physical needs while sharing the hope and refuge found in Christ. How to pray for Hope in the Morning:
  • Pray that the women who come to Hope in the Morning will find a refuge for their souls. Pray that each one will find true hope through the gospel of Christ.
  • Pray for the children served by Hope in the Morning. Ask the Lord to use tutoring and other educational support to prepare them secure jobs.
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