Brazilian Baseball Association

Brazilian Baseball Association
ABBS uses baseball as an opportunity to share the gospel with at-risk children of São José dos Campos, Brazil. Each week, 150 children from the favelas (slums) attend ABBS’s weekly Bible study and baseball skill training session. Through these sessions, children and their parents learn how to apply God's word to their lives. The children also have the opportunity to form safe, Christ-centered friendships within their baseball family. How to pray for ABBS:
  • Pray that the volunteers at ABBS would model loving God completely and others as themselves as they help with serving breakfast and Bible study on Saturday mornings.
  • Pray for Agnaldo and others at ABBS as they give presentations at schools in São José dos Campos in an effort to recruit more children into the ministry where they can participate in Bible lessons as well as learning how to play baseball and softball.
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