Bazaar Story: SACDEM

Bazaar Story: SACDEM

Bazaar Story: SACDEM


(Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

In Argentina, children born to mothers in prison live with their mothers in the penitentiary system until they turn 4-years-old. SACDEM takes care of these children of prisoners weekly, offering a safe place to play and a break from the prison environment.

SACDEM works with marginalized groups rejected by society, including prisoners, the mentally ill, people living in extreme poverty, and children born in prison. SACDEM conducts prison Bible studies, offers counseling, and helps inmates understand God’s forgiveness and grace. SACDEM also helps newly released prisoners reintegrate into society.


Children have little access to books or toys while living with their mothers in prison. Children received a picture Bible to learn about Jesus and attended a Christmas party outside of the prison where they experienced the love of Jesus. Kids ate a special holiday meal, received a gift, and heard the Christmas story—how Jesus came to earth to make a way back to God for them.


Pray for the Lord to help SACDEM share the gospel and change lives, so that released inmates find purpose and dignity in providing for their families instead of returning to street life, gangs, and drugs.


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for SACDEM as they minister to incarcerated women and their children 

  • Picture Bible for children in prison: Your gift will provide a child living in prison with a picture Bible. Children have little access to books or toys while living with their mothers in prison. 
  • New mother supplies for the prison maternity wing: Incarcerated pregnant women and new mothers face difficult circumstances. Your gift will provide supplies like hygiene items, diapers, wipes, and infant clothing for the prison maternity wing.
  • Christmas party for children living in prison with incarcerated mothers: Each year SACDEM holds a Christmas party outside of the prison. Children play, eat a meal, receive gifts, and hear the Christmas story. Your gift will contribute toward this celebration.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will minister to individuals who are often marginalized and forgotten.

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