Bazaar Story: Light of the World

Bazaar Story: Light of the World

Bazaar Story: Light of the World


(Nagpur, India) 

Light of the World Ministries serves the poor of Nagpur, India. Nagpur is the third-largest city in India. Light of the World operates multiple churches, a school for children unable to afford local school fees, and a vocational center teaching tailoring, dress design, and computer science. Widows and elderly women receive assistance to start small business endeavors for vending and food carts to promote self-sufficiency.

The ministry also provides food and essential supplies to severely impoverished families. In 2021, they provided 100 children with two sets of clothes, school tuition, supplies, and a decent meal each day, keeping kids in school and off the streets. Light of the World also started a slum mentorship program serving 150 children.

Light of the World holds church services in two large slum locations and desires to establish ten new churches in Nagpur. Young people from the slums attend church and have their lives transformed by the gospel.


With the support of Oakseed, widows and elderly women are living with dignity and self-respect through the vending and food carts provided.


Pray for the ministry to mold youth into spiritual leaders who fearlessly spread the gospel throughout India and for vocational training programs to expand to other slum locations.


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for Light of the World as they seek to bring the gospel to the slums of India, including 

  • Two sets of new clothing for a slum child: Light of the World distributes clothing to impoverished children during slum home visits and at the community center.
  • Vocational training and self-employment resources: A woman will receive vocational training and resources to become self-employed. This allows a woman to earn income for her family and instills a sense of self-worth.
  • Provide a child with school tuition, supplies, and daily lunch for a year: Your gift will provide a full year of school tuition, supplies, and daily lunch to a child living in the slums.
  • Technology equipment for children’s mentoring program: Your gift will be used to purchase technology equipment to teach computer skills, submit applications, print paperwork, and access educational resources.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will provide Light of the World with resources to continue its important ministry in the slum community.

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