We know prayer is essential, but sometimes we struggle with knowing what to pray or how to give structure to our prayer lives. The PrayerMate app is a great tool to help you organize your prayer list while also keeping your prayer life fresh—and can also help you remember to pray for Oakseed Ministry Partners!

To get started with PrayerMate, just download the app to your device. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore.

Working with PrayerMate is like having a box of index cards in front of you with different prayer needs on each card. The app sorts the cards into categories and gives you different requests from each category every day. As you swipe left, the app gives you a Scripture to pray for each day, a prayer for yourself, and then guides you through praying for your family, people you want to share Christ with, and the needs of the world. You can customize categories and topics, upload photos of prayer newsletters, import and export files to Dropbox, and integrate the app with your contacts list so you can easily send a text or email to let your friends know you prayed for them. It is simple to add requests that you receive at church or informally from friends and family. If you need ideas of what to pray, you can download prayers from an online library. You can also subscribe to online prayer calendars—like our monthly Oakseed prayer calendar!

Author and blogger Tim Challies uses PrayerMate to organize his prayer time. You can hear Tim share about he uses the app at this video link. (“Why I Pray With An App”)

PrayerMate is an intuitive, easy to use, tool that will remind you to pray.  The structure of the app helps you integrate Scripture into your prayer life and to make sure you are praying regularly for all the people and needs you want to pray for. Give it a try today.