Bazaar Story: Semear

Bazaar Story: Semear

Bazaar Story: Semear


(São Paulo, Brazil) 

For many kids living in the Brazilian city of Mandelinha, their days are filled with hunger and instability. Families in low-income neighborhoods struggle to secure enough food and fear eviction from their rental homes. To sprout hope for a brighter future, Semear taught sustainable farming and the Bible among these impoverished families. Crop surpluses from vegetable garden clubs allowed families to eat meals and earn money for stable housing from selling the produce. Many new seeds of faith have been planted!


Through Semear’s teaching on agroecology, a sustainable method of local farming benefiting both people and nature, the poor and socially vulnerable can grow and sell fresh produce as well as share excess with others in need.


Pray for the 500 vulnerable children and families of Mandelinha who live in fear of eviction at any time. Pray for them to believe in Christ and experience the Lord’s provision, stability, and protection.


In addition to prayer, Oakseed’s bazaar catalog offers tangible ways to provide for Semear as they minister to these communities, including 

  • Seeds and composting bag: Your gift will provide a family in need with seeds and a bag for composting food waste. 
  • Gardening tools: Your gift will provide gardening tools to impoverished families to help provide food security and income-generation.
  • Vertical garden kit: Vertical gardens produce food and also filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air.
  • Native bee box: Bees pollinate the garden and increase the harvest while producing honey which can be used or sold.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will be used where it is most needed to improve the lives of families and spread the gospel.

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