Bazaar Story: Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Bazaar Story: Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Bazaar Story: Reformed Heart Orphans Center


(Kisii, Kenya) 

When Rodlick was a toddler, his father abandoned him and his HIV-positive mother. Due to her deteriorating health, his mother could no longer care for him. Understanding the heartbreaking difficulty Rodlick’s mother was facing, RHOC welcomed him into their center. Eight years later, Rodlick regularly attends school and learns about Jesus. Because of RHOC’s ministry, Rodlick has stability and experiences the faithfulness of a heavenly Father who is always with him.

Not only does RHOC care for orphans physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but they help these children integrate into the life of local churches. These children grow up with the gift of a church family.

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (RHOC) cares for 35 orphans in seven RHOC homes or with families from the local church by providing food, housing, education, and medical care. With a desire to place children in homes and with families—instead of institutions—RHOC strives to secure each child a loving home to care for their physical and emotional well-being and development. Orphans participate in computer classes and learn to sew their own clothes. RHOC runs a dairy farm with four milking cows to provide milk for the children.


Last year, RHOC’s dairy cow died when giving birth. The staff and children were saddened by this loss, especially as the cow provided essential milk for the orphanage. But thanks to Oakseed supporters, four cows were given through the bazaar catalog. In God’s perfect timing, just days after losing their dairy cow, Oakseed shared the good news that four cows could be purchased!


Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of the orphans and strengthen the faith of new believers. 


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for RHOC as they minister to these children 

  • Shoes and a new set of clothing: It can be challenging to keep up with the clothing needs of orphans as they grow. This gift provides children at RHOC with new shoes and clothing.
  • Orphanage furniture: This gift provides furniture for use in the orphanage’s dorms, dining hall, or other areas.
  • One-year school fees for a high school student: Reaching high school is a significant milestone for orphans. Your gift will provide a high school student with one year of school fees.
  • Repair and complete security fencing: Your gift will help repair existing fencing and secure additional areas of the orphanage.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will be used where it is most needed at RHOC.

Visit to learn more about these gift opportunities!