Ashirvad Kanti—Empowers destitute women by teaching them skills such as tailoring, beautician courses, and bookbinding. (India)

Association of Christian Thoughtfulness—Trains churches to accept and rehabilitate girls and women who are victims of abuse, helping them find spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. (India).

Jagat Ki Jyoti—Helps poor women find ways to support themselves and increase their family’s income through vocational courses such as tailoring, fashion design, and basic sewing classes. (India)

Lilies of the Valley—Involves girls and women in innovative, biblically based rehabilitation programs that help them break free from the bonds of addiction and discover their God-given purpose. (Brazil)

Ministério JEAME—Works with children and youth living on the streets and at the state shelter Fundação CASA. They specialize in child advocacy, child well-being, poverty, homelessness, drug abuse recovery, and addiction training. (Brazil)

Mosoj Yan—Provides a safe haven for victims of violence and abuse. Girls and women at the shelter receive help to improve their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health. (Bolivia)

Mustard Seed Orphanage—Widows are one of the groups most vulnerable to poverty in Myanmar. Mustard Seed offers widows vocational training and support and empowers them for ministry by involving widows in orphan care. (Myanmar).

SACDEM—Works to rehabilitate both male and female prisoners and offers care for children whose mothers are in prison. (Argentina)

Sugandh—Offers a women’s self-help group which has saved many lives in the community and has helped women with legal matters for their children and families. (India)