Oakseed assists indigenous ministries who serve abandoned children and the poor in the developing world’s largest cities, bringing the good news of Jesus in word and action.



SACDEM works with marginalized groups that have been rejected by society, including but not limited to prisoners, the mentally ill, people living in extreme poverty, and children born in prison. SACDEM develops prison Bible studies, offering counseling and help to inmates to make the depth of God's forgiveness and grace understandable. SACDEM helps newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. In Argentina, children born to mothers in prison live with their mothers in the penitentiary system until they turn four. SACDEM takes care of these children of prisoners weekly, offering them a ...
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Jars of Oil Mission Africa

Jars of Oil Mission Africa (JOMA) ministers to elderly widows (affectionately referred to as grannies) who lost their children to AIDS and now take care of their grandchildren. With compassion, the ministry breaks through the shame and stigma associated with AIDS to meet physical and spiritual needs. JOMA feeds families by delivering food packages and helping “grannies” start gardens. The gardens provide a source of food, income, and dignity. Many of the grannies suffer from HIV or other illnesses so JOMA arranges medical treatment for them.
Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Orphanage

Mustard Seed Orphanage provides food, housing, Christian education, discipleship, job training, and medical care for over 190 widows and orphans. Mustard Seed Orphanage consists of three houses: Ebenezer, Hosanna, and Mustard Seed. Widows help care for the orphans, enabling these women to be self-sufficient and integrated into the church. The orphanage keeps livestock and grows most of the food to feed the children in their care.


MISIUR seeks to improve the quality of life of the poorest children in Peru through comprehensive spiritual and physical care. MISIUR operates two after school programs that serve over 100 children and teens each day. These programs create a safe place away from gang violence where the children are fed both physically and through Bible study. MISIUR also operates “Bread of Life,” a program that offers nutritious daily lunch and a Scripture portion five days a week for approximately 500 children in the slums of Lima, Ayacucho, Moyobamba, and Trujillo.
Love Link

Love Link

Love Link is a Christian mission serving families from the slums of San Salvador, El Salvador. Malnourished babies, aged 1 to 18 months, are brought to the center from local hospitals. Most of the babies brought to Love Link are near death when they arrive. Love Link provides round-the-clock care for up to 25 babies at a time, nourishing them and eventually restoring them to their families. Love Link also provides outreach to their surrounding community by serving free lunches daily to over 600 kids at three children's dining rooms.
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Lily of the Valleys

Lily of the Valleys is a Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care program. The ministry helps teenage girls and women escape the prison of addiction to find freedom in Christ in Catanduva, Brazil. Lily of the Valleys emphasizes the gospel in treatment programs believing only an encounter with Jesus can free addicts from spiritual and physical bondage.

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