Oakseed assists indigenous ministries who serve abandoned children and the poor in the developing world’s largest cities, bringing the good news of Jesus in word and action.

Mr. Shem Byakagaba facilitating a workshop on Investments and Economic empowerment

Pan African Christian AIDS Network

The Pan African Christian AIDS Network is a ministry that supports other African mission agencies working with AIDS patients, orphans, and families throughout Africa. PACANET’s primary focuses are training, advocacy, and resource support. PACANET has served as a significant resource to over 800 large and small ministries across the continent. Many grandmothers have taken in 6-10 grandchildren because their own children have died from AIDS. Many local volunteers lack the funds necessary to attend much needed regional training programs.

New Life Orphanage

New Life Orphanage is a ministry just outside of Kampala, Uganda which cares for 21 children ages 2-14. Joseph Nsereko, the founder of the orphanage, grew up on the streets in Kampala and was taken into an orphanage at the age of 12, where he became a Christian and had the call to begin an orphanage to help other children. New Life has recently started growing its own crops and building a shelter for chicken and goats in order to supplement their daily food needs.
Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Orphanage

Mustard Seed Orphanage provides food, housing, Christian education, discipleship, job training, and medical care for over 190 widows and orphans. Mustard Seed Orphanage consists of three orphan houses - Ebenezer House, Hosanna House, and Mustard Seed. Mustard Seed Orphanage keeps livestock and grows much of the food that is crucial to feeding the children in their care.


MISIUR seeks to improve the quality of life of the poorest children in Peru through comprehensive spiritual and physical care. MISIUR operates two after school programs that serve over 100 children and teens each day. These programs create a safe place away from gang violence where the children are fed both physically and through Bible study. MISIUR also operates “Bread of Life,” a program that offers nutritious daily lunch and a Scripture portion five days a week for approximately 500 children in the slums of Lima, Ayacucho, Moyobamba, and Trujillo.
Love Link

Love Link

Love Link is a Christian mission serving families from the slums of San Salvador, El Salvador. Malnourished babies, aged 1 to 18 months, are brought to the center from local hospitals. Most of the babies brought to Love Link are near death when they arrive. Love Link provides round-the-clock care for up to 25 babies at a time, nourishing them and eventually restoring them to their families. Love Link also provides outreach to their surrounding community by serving free lunches daily to over 600 kids at three children's dining rooms.
Photo with Lilies of the Valley 2 2019

Lily of the Valleys

Lily of the Valleys in Catanduva, Brazil is a Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care program, helping teen girls and women escape the prison of addiction and find freedom in Christ. Lily of the Valleys emphasizes the gospel in their treatment programs, believing only an encounter with Jesus can truly free addicts from their spiritual and physical prisons.

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