Oakseed assists indigenous ministries who serve abandoned children and the poor in the developing world’s largest cities, bringing the good news of Jesus in word and action.


Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails seeks to decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS and free women from a life of prostitution. The staff cares for the daily physical needs of men and women living with AIDS, encourages HIV testing, provides AIDS awareness programs, and leads training to de-stigmatize the disease. In addition, the ministry offers both income-generating activities for prostitutes and educational support for children so that vulnerable women and children will have the job skills to be self-sufficient. Love Never Fails cares with the compassion of Christ, taking every opportunity to share the hope of ...
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Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (KNOC) promotes high school education and post-graduation planning for orphans and impoverished children.  Children receive school fees, vocational training, and career guidance.  KNOC works with impoverished children and orphans from local church congregations, giving them educational and spiritual support so they may serve the Lord in their churches, vocations, and all of life.

Morning Light

Morning Light (Yengat Birhan) is a refuge for the needy, serving 243 widows, single mothers, and orphans in the slums outside of Addis Ababa. Women receive job training, health care, counseling, and income-generating opportunities. With this support, they gain self-esteem and can provide for the basic needs of their families. Morning Light's holistic approach to ministry meets physical needs while sharing the hope and refuge found in Christ.
CEMIPRE Training


CEMIPRE began as a ministry in 2003, became a Chilean foundation in 2013, and currently serves over 60 individuals with vision impairment (low vision or blindness). While the average age of a participant is 50, this year CEMIPRE added occupational therapy services for children ages 5–16. Every service—occupational, speech, and language therapy; Braille instruction; and computer literacy training—is bathed in the gospel. Rather than focusing on a diagnosis or a disability, the ministry highlights each participant’s value and dignity. CEMIPRE involves family and friends as much as possible to ...
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Royal Nest

Royal Nest is a tuition-free Christian school for impoverished children in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia. With 84 percent of the population living below the poverty line of $1.25 per day, Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Royal Nest helps 500 underprivileged children break the cycle of poverty through education. Each year Royal Nest hosts community outreach days on Liberia’s Independence Day (July 26) and Christmas Day where 300 community children gather for a meal, clothing distribution, and special gifts. The ministry also hosts a soccer program so children can develop ...
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Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Reformed Hearts Orphans Center (RHOC) cares for 35 orphans within seven homes at RHOC and with families from their local church. The children in their care are orphaned from the AIDS/HIV epidemic and political unrest. RHOC believes "that every child deserves a loving home, a family and parents or caretakers who cater to the child's physical and emotional well - being and development. We believe that children belong in homes and families and not in institutions." It is with this commitment that RHOC is caring for orphans in the name of Christ, instructing them in solid, Biblical teaching.

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