Oakseed assists indigenous ministries who serve abandoned children and the poor in the developing world’s largest cities, bringing the good news of Jesus in word and action.


Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students

The Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students works among college and university students in Lahore, Pakistan. Their goals are to establish and nurture a witness for Christ among the student population, help students grow in their faith through Bible study and prayer and equip them to transform their society by applying biblical values in their work and their lives.
Valley of Praise

Valley of Praise Charitable Society

Valley of Praise serves communities in the slum districts of South Mumbai including but not limited to the hutments, footpath dwellings, brothels in red-light areas, offering hope to the poor, middle class, and those living with HIV/AIDS. Valley of Praise meets educational needs by helping pay school/college fees, providing supplies, and offering career counseling to students who are exploring future options. The ministry also offers social help through family and youth camps, personal and family counseling, and food and medical expenses for struggling families and singles. Through its ...

Teen Ministry

Teen Ministry seeks to win to Christ and improve the lives of severely impoverished teenage girls living in the "garbage city" of Cairo, Egypt. Teen Ministry primarily teaches these young girls to find joy in Christ; much of their time is devoted to praying and studying the Bible. Teen Ministry teaches girls who have never been taught hygiene or cleanliness how to wash themselves and make changes to improve their health through hygiene in their homes and families. In the area that Teen Ministry operates, girls are often abused and neglected. Teen Ministry shows them genuine love, often for ...


The Sugandh Child Development Centre, located in a slum in South Delhi, has been transforming the lives of working children for 22 years. Before going to work as trash collectors in the marketplace, children aged 6-10 come for two hours. They receive a meal and are taught reading, writing, and mathematics. Here they also learn about Jesus. Sugandh also operates a Bible and vocational skills school where young adults and teenagers learn sewing, painting, and card making. Sugandh offers savings and loan cooperative groups to women in the slum who either don't have the documentation needed for a ...

Christian Assistance Service for the Detainee and the Mentally Ill

SACDEM works with marginalized groups that have been rejected by society, including but not limited to prisoners, the mentally ill, people living in extreme poverty, and children born in prison. SACDEM develops prison Bible studies, offering counseling and help to inmates to make the depth of God's forgiveness and grace understandable. SACDEM helps newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. In Argentina, children born to mothers in prison live with their mothers in the penitentiary system until they turn four. SACDEM takes care of these children of prisoners weekly, offering them a ...

Roblealto Child Care Association

Roblealto Child Care Association helps children and families from the slums of Costa Rica. Roblealto operates three different daycare centers for children from 9 months to 12 years old. From the age of 6, the children receive primary education. Roblealto also cares for children who have been separated from family in their “Bible Home.” Roblealto recently opened its “Family Development Center” to serve and house families from the slums of Los Guido that have fallen into critical situations. Oakseed has partnered with Roblealto to offer opportunities to sponsor children from these families.

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