In São Paulo, Brazil, Ministério JEAME brings freedom to children and youth caught in the cycle of drug abuse, addiction, and crime. Though violent gangs and drug traffickers control entire neighborhoods, JEAME missionaries fearlessly go into these areas to share the light and hope of Jesus Christ.

God has worked mightily through JEAME’s Responsa project. For this project, JEAME gathered a team of eleven volunteers and focused their efforts in in the Anhangabaú Valley and the central region of São Paulo (Cracolândia). They take the team out to work on Tuesday afternoons and set aside Thursday for a day of prayer and mentoring with team members.

In Cracolândia, the ministry team walks the streets and pray. JEAME missionaries approach drug users and engage them in conversation, pray for them, counsel them, and offer them the opportunity to move into treatment programs. Offering chocolates and water gives JEAME a point of connection with people on the streets, helping win trust and facilitate referrals to treatment.

JEAME does a similar work in the Anhangabaú Valley. JEAME volunteers and missionaries approach children and teens and try to develop relationships with them. They play games like Jenga, Connect 4, dominos, and soccer, paint nails, offer guitar lessons, and provide tutoring and opportunities for arts and crafts. These activities help JEAME build trust in the community and create a space for one-on-one evangelism, intercession, and praise. JEAME also follows up with people and families who have left the streets, continuing to share Christ with them and help meet their needs.

Here are a few ways JEAME impacts lives:

  • They brought a birthday cake for a teenage girl who lives in the Anhangabaú Valley. She was touched that the team remembered her birthday, and the simple act of thoughtfulness helped grow their bond with her.
  • They were able to help an eight-year-old boy and his mother leave the streets.
  • They provided legal aid for two families in need.
  • In April, JEAME celebrated Easter with the boys in Anhangabaú Valley. They brought chocolates, fed the boys supper, and explained the meaning of Easter.
  • In July, JEAME held a four-day Vacation Bible School, using crafts and drama to teach the youth who attended that they are created for a purpose. Several of those who attended chose to follow Jesus.
  • At Foundation House, JEAME uses Christ-based teaching to prepare residents to reintegrate back into society. A teen’s father recently called JEAME to thank them for their work at Foundation house because of the changes and growth he is seeing in his son.

These and other stories show how God is moving powerfully through JEAME!

Please continue to be in prayer for JEAME and their work on the streets of São Paulo.

  • Pray God will call more missionaries and volunteers to be involved in this important work.
  • Pray that those who leave the streets will experience God’s transforming power and not return to their lives of addiction.
  • Pray for safety for those who are trying to break free of gangs and violence.
  • Pray God will open doors for JEAME as they minister so they can pray for people and share Christ with them.
  • Pray for an end to the violence caused by gangs and drug traffickers. Pray God will move so mightily in Brazil that those who sell drugs won’t find anyone who wants to buy.

Thank you for praying for JEAME and all of Oakseed’s Ministry Partners!