Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

A mid-summer update from Semear in Brazil:

CTA – 18

After hosting a large activity with volunteers at CTA 18, Semear has been receiving frequent visits from people interested in helping with the gardens and participating in their activities. It is also summer break for the children, and the garden has become an important leisure space for them.


Their local church has been hosting more regular capoeira (Brazilian martial art) classes at their facility, which adds to the activities of the garden club and helps strengthen relationships between both groups, providing diverse exchanges and testimonies.

Nucleo Bolha

The core garden remains beautiful and productive. While the local team was on vacation, Semear’s leadership increased their visits to take care of the space and welcome the children, with everything prepared for their visits and surprises ready to be harvested.

Jd. Panorama

Brazil is in the middle of summer school break, and their garden has never been so full of children who, in addition to taking care of and harvesting the vegetables, also play house and make food between the beds. Having a space like this to play is a privilege for the children of Jd. Panorama can enjoy.


Prayer Points

  • The services in partnership with Zion church at the headquarters of the community association of Jd. Panorama are already a frequent event that is very well received and expected by the families in the community. Please pray for the Lord to draw the community to faith in Him and fellowship and discipleship in His church.
  • After noticing that several children in their community were struggling, Semear hosted a party and several volunteer service projects last month, including cleaning and revitalizing the home of a family from their gardens. Please pray for the Lord to continue to grow gospel relationships between Semear and their community.
  • A concern for Semear is that armed police action has grown considerably in the last two months. According to residents, this is due to the non-official non-payment that drug trafficking makes for the police not to intervene in the day-to-day life of the community. Please pray for peace and justice in these communities and for the protection of Semear’s participants and volunteers.