Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Misión Integral Urbano Rural (MISIUR) improves the quality of life for poor children and their families in Peru through comprehensive spiritual and physical care. MISIUR operates two after-school programs, serving 100 children and youth each day. These programs create a safe place away from gang violence where children are fed physically and spiritually. The children participate in Bible studies, tutoring, physical activities, and counseling. Parents are also provided with Bible studies and counseling, with an emphasis on building healthy family relationships.

We received this account from one of MISIUR’s students last month:

I am Yuriko, and I am 9 years old. Born in the city of Ica on 01/29/2013.

In my family we are four members: my father Junior Paucar Allcarima, my mother Isabel, and my sister Sahori (6).

I live in the Alto Molino sector in the district of San José de los Molinos (Ica). Although I was born in the district of Tinguiña, I have lived since I was a child in Tacama until I was six years old. I remember that on one occasion my sister Saori, who was two years old, went to a water well. My cousin of five years alerted my grandmother and rescued her in a timely manner. I thank God for his care.

My favorite color is pink. My favorite course at school is mathematics. At CEDIN NJA Ica they teach and support me in this area. I like to listen to the biblical stories shared by Pastor Carlos Peralta, I am learning to pray Our Father, that Jesus taught to his disciples.

I like to participate in CEDIN NJA because lunch is very tasty, and with psychologist Yasmín I am learning about equal treatment and about taking care of our bodies. My favorite sport is football.

At home I have two puppies, Toti and Blanco, with whom I play.

I met CEDIN through my aunt Lili, who informed my mom about the support offered by CEDIN NJA.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for Yuriko and her family to come to faith in Christ and be integrated into their local church for fellowship and discipleship. Pray also for the Lord to continue to use MISIUR to bring the gospel to children and families in Peru.