One of the great needs in Argentina is caring for children whose mothers who are in prison.

In Argentina, children born to female inmates stay with their mothers

in prison until they turn four years old. The hundreds of children who are living with their mothers in prison are exposed to violence and have few opportunities for age-appropriate play and growth. SACDEM helps give these children a better life. Prisoners’ children alternate weeks at SACDEM and with their mothers in prison. After children turn four, those without anyone else to care for them live at SACDEM full-time until their mothers are released from prison.

Valentine is one of the children SACDEM cares for. Valentine is a three-year-old boy who has stolen the hearts of ministry directors Daniel and Maria Ruffinatti. Valentine alternates time between staying with his mother in prison and living in the Ruffinatti’s home.

Valentine’s mother is serving a fifty-year sentence for a crime she did not commit. Recently Daniel had the opportunity to talk with the man in charge of the highest judicial authority in the Argentine Republic. Daniel will have another opportunity to speak with this man later this month and plans to ask him to review the case of Valentine’s mother. Please be in prayer for Daniel as he meets this man and ask God to provide mercy and justice for Valentine’s mother.

Please also be in prayer for Daniel and Maria as they care for Valentine. They have adopted and raised eight children over the years and love Valentine very much, but at 69 and 62 years old they now find it challenging to keep up with the needs of an energetic young boy. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as they seek what is in Valentine’s best interest.

Here are some other ways you can pray for SACDEM.

SACDEM Prayer Needs:

Pray for SACDEM as they continue to minister to people affected by Argentina’s severe inflation, unemployment, and poverty growth. Pray God will continue to provide for SACDEM’s needs amidst the difficult economic conditions.

Pray for SACDEM and for ministry leaders as they recover from the stress and financial impact of two unfair trials. Pray God will send wisdom and funds to cover the debt with the state.


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