Ministry Partners

  • Nagpur is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is the largest city in central India. Known as the “Orange City” because of its famous orange gardens, Nagpur is a major commercial and political center. But like many Indian cities, Nagpur is also home to stark poverty and deprivation. Over 40 percent of […]

  • Brazil is a beautiful and diverse country, but it is also plagued with drugs, poverty, violence, and gangs. These violent gangs actively defend their territory, cutting off children who live in these areas from the rest of the city. Children living in poverty often lack educational opportunities, are exposed to violence and abuse, and do […]

  • Although Ethiopia has made progress in the fight against poverty, this problem remains widespread. And while recent years have seen Ethiopia’s overall poverty rate drop significantly, life has gotten harder for the poorest of the poor. Birhan means “light,” and the Birhan Social Development Training and Consultation Center is a beacon of light offering help […]

  • For many children in India, the street is their only home. Some are abandoned by their families. Others must work instead of attending school. When life is a daily struggle to survive, it’s hard to imagine breaking free from the cycle of poverty. Breaking the cycle of poverty is what Ashirvad Kanti’s ministry does. Ashirvad […]

  • Lizeth started using alcohol and drugs when she was 14 years old. A friend on the streets who knew about Mosoj Yan brought her to the center. At Mosoj Yan, Lizeth learned about God’s love for her and accepted Christ. The lessons she has learned at the center have encouraged her to complete her education […]

  • When Edgar and Katie were little, they lived with their mother in a scrap metal shack. Because of their family’s extreme poverty, their mother could not send her children to school. She came to Roblealto for help. Today, Katie is a lawyer, and Edgar is a doctor. Both help support Roblealto’s ministry. Priscilla was brought […]

  • Laura’s parents brought her to Love Link when she was eleven months old. Laura needed pediatric surgery and had lived in the hospital for much of her life. She was unable to gain weight and could not assimilate food. The hospital finally released her, saying there was nothing more they could do. As they walked […]

  • Aarav (name has been changed) lost his father to HIV when he was two years old. His mother also contracted HIV, and Aarav and his brother feared they might also be infected. Aarav was angry at life and God. Then Aarav came to ACT. Staff members at ACT encouraged Aarav and his brother to get […]

  • India is home to one-third of the global poor. For many, poverty is a way of life. Families living in poverty lack access to education and medical care. Children work at an early age or survive on the streets with no hope of an education. For many of India’s poor, there seems to be no […]