Bazaar Story: Ministério JEAME

Bazaar Story: Ministério JEAME

Bazaar Story: Ministério JEAME


(São Paulo, Brazil) 

The path that landed 16-year-old Maria in prison as a teenager was riddled with poor choices that hurt her family. But after hearing the gospel through JEAME’s ministry, Maria’s life was forever changed. As she reflected upon the forgiveness God had extended to her, the teen realized she needed to ask her father for forgiveness.

Unsure how her father would respond, but confident this was the right step forward, Maria sought her dad’s forgiveness. But rather than hearing angry words, her father asked for her forgiveness—for the ways he felt he failed as a parent.

With tears of joy, father and daughter embraced forgiveness and a new beginning in their relationship together.

Ministério JEAME conducts evangelistic services in 13 juvenile detention centers in São Paulo, Brazil, reaching 1,000 teenagers like Maria each week. JEAME is located blocks from a drug-infested area of São Paulo named Cracolândia. Through JEAME’s outreach, the lives of teenagers are transformed by the gospel.


In 2021, JEAME opened a community center to minister to teens released from prison. The center allows JEAME to support teens through a barber training program and bakery course. These new job skill programs impact the lives of teens by providing a source of income, community connection, and an encounter with God.


Pray that JEAME’s ministry to incarcerated and newly released teens will result in many hearing and receiving the good news about Jesus.


In addition to prayer, Oakseed’s bazaar catalog offers tangible ways to provide for ABBS as they minister to these youth, including:  

  • Bible for a teen in prison: A teen will receive a personal copy of the Bible with JEAME’s information Bibles are utilized for group studies and personal reading while in prison and provide a way for teens to reach out to JEAME once released. 
  • New clothing for a formerly incarcerated teen: Incarcerated teens have few possessions when released from prison. The clothing worn when arrested may no longer fit. Your gift provides a new set of clothing for a fresh start.
  • Food care packages: Your gift will provide newly released detainees and their families with food, meeting a crucial need as they find employment.
  • Barber training and tools: This program provides released juvenile offenders with job skills to earn an income without returning to illegal activity. Your gift will provide training and supplies for a teen making a fresh start.
  • Bakery startup supplies: Your gift will provide supplies to a teen released from prison to earn an income through baking. When teens take pride in their work they are less likely to return to illegal activities.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will be used by JEAME where it is most needed to help current and former juvenile offenders.

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