Bazaar Story: Love Link

Bazaar Story: Love Link

Bazaar Story: Love Link


(San Salvador, El Salvador) 

An El Salvadoran mother entered Love Link’s baby house cradling a limp infant in pain. The infant resembled a skeleton more than a baby. The tiny ribs jutting out of her malnourished body could be counted. Not an ounce of fat existed to cover her emaciated body.

Bryna Wilson, Love Link summer intern, was shocked.

“Not even in photos had I seen a child so malnourished,” explained Junior Biology major Wilson. “I was surprised she had the strength to cry, but she was indeed able to sob weakly.”

Wilson didn’t expect the baby to survive, but she did. Love Link provided the necessary medical and nutritional support to save this little girl’s life.

Weeks later, the infant’s grandmother returned to Love Link. “Without Love Link’s intervention,” the grandmother said, her eyes brimming with tears. “My granddaughter would have died.”

Love Link serves 800 families from the slums of San Salvador, El Salvador. Malnourished babies ages 1 to 18 months are delivered to the center from local hospitals. Additionally, Love Link’s community feeding program gives free daily lunches to 650 children, holds nutrition clinics, and provides medical assessments in eight locations across El Salvador.


Baby Maryory arrived at Love Link malnourished and with gastric troubles requiring special care, medicine, food, milk, and a specialist. Through Oakseed’s crib sponsorship program, the specific needs of babies like Maryory are met, and families hear the good news of Jesus Christ.


Pray for impoverished children to receive life-sustaining nutrition through the baby house and community dining halls. Pray for families to hear and respond to the gospel. 


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for Love Link as they minister to these families 

  • Baby Bundle: Your gift will provide diapers, formula, and baby wipes to a severely malnourished child. 
  • Medical gear for staff: Your gift will provide staff with gloves, masks, caps, and protective equipment to protect children from additional illness.
  • A month of meals for the children’s dining room: Your gift will supply one of eight dining halls with the food needed for an entire month.
  • Aquaponics pond: Three of Love Link’s community dining halls are benefiting from aquaponics ponds. Your gift will bless one of the remaining dining halls with this ongoing source of food.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will meet the critical needs of malnourished children at Love Link.  

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