Oakseed Ministry Partners are:

  • Ministries are nationally initiated, locally founded, and administered and developed locally.
  • Oakseed’s Ministry Partners focus on the urban poor living in the world’s megacities.
  • Oakseed seeks to partner with ministries that have the potential to be models, teaching others how to replicate their methods and work.
  • Oakseed looks for ministry partners who are open to learning from others and living in partnership.
  • Oakseed Ministry Partners have clearly defined visions and are committed to pursuing that vision.
  • Ministry leaders are dedicated to serving the Lord and leading their ministries with righteousness and integrity.

Oakseed’s ministry liaisons help identify potential ministry partners and determine their suitability for an Oakseed partnership. Through a process of site visits, checking references, and meeting with the organization’s leadership, ministry liaisons evaluate potential partners based on their reputation, focus, local support, and community impact. Ministry liaisons also consider how Oakseed can partner with the ministry and the type of assistance the ministry would like to receive from Oakseed.

Through ongoing relationships, Oakseed offers ministry partners:

  • Regular and faithful prayer support.
  • Ongoing financial support as well as support for special one-time projects. (To avoid creating dependency, Oakseed support will not exceed 30% of an organization’s operating budget. Oakseed also assists ministry leadership in finding and developing funding resources.)
  • On-site and off-site training, including international training programs that offer a significant benefit for a partner’s leadership.
  • Consultation and relationship building. Ministry liaisons visit ministry partners at least once a year and are available throughout the year to provide advice and resources to assist the ministry in its development.