India COVID Relief Update

India COVID Relief Update

India COVID Relief Update

Oakseed’s Ministry Partners are serving the poor in India during the most recent wave of COVID.  It is heartbreaking to read the stories of families who have seen illness, death, and starvation. Yet, there is hope as our Ministry Partners faithfully serve amid sorrow and crisis.  Oakseed’s partners in India face needs that are far beyond their resources. With the help of generous supporters, Oakseed blessed Light of the World (Jagat Ki Jyoti), Sugandh, and Light of Blessing (Ashirvad Kanti) abundantly and provided resources for them to care for families in crisis.


Light of the World

The human agony has been numbing. Out of the painful ashes of this tragedy, the Lord has brought great testimonies of His beauty and goodness. The authorities, out of extreme caution, put the city and slums on lockdown. It felt like death was lurking in every corner. Daily wage workers had no work. The choice seemed – die going out or die staying in. Yet, even if they dared out, there was no work. Most people recover from the illness if affected, but thousands needed medicines to help them recover.

The help extended by Oakseed at our critical hour will never be forgotten. Our leaders were deeply encouraged to find their hands strengthened by the support from Oakseed. Hundreds of families were rushed emergency ration. Medical help was rendered to the scores who reached out for help.

Our region was the epicenter of the mutated virus, and the death toll was 4 times higher than the rest of the country. Though the exact numbers are hard to tell, the official number only represents hospital deaths. It feels like every third household has experienced death in the family. Our church members and even some leaders did not survive this pandemic. The situation is getting better but has not yet ended. 
– Light of the World

Light of the World visited Sunita, who is suffering from severe depression. She lives with her mom in a small hut. The electric supply to her hut was cut due to nonpayment. Due to the extended lockdown, both women had no work, no funds, and no food. Thanks to Oakseed’s help, Light of the World rushed emergency supplies to them and prayed for Sunita’s healing.

  • Light of the World is working to reinstate Sunita’s home. Pray that the Lord will give her hope.
  • Pray that Light of the World staff who have lost family members and friends to COVID will be comforted.



“We are truly thankful to everyone who has contributed to Sugandh in this time; when people are losing their jobs, and getting affected by the virus, families of our community are not able to afford even the basic needs of their families and medicines.

The funds that we received have really helped us provide rations (sugar, salt, oil, rice, wheat, etc.) to the families. Every day we are able to help at least 10-15 families while maintaining all the necessary precautions.”

  • Pray that Sugandh staff will remain healthy as they visit families in the slums.
  • Pray that Sugandh staff will have the stamina to meet the needs of suffering people each day.








Light of Blessing

“This has been a tragic experience. We have lost many loved young missionaries, pastors, and close friends. More than one person is passing away from each family. We pray and intercede with tears, asking God to have mercy and spare people from dying.” 
– Pushpa Waghmare, Light of Blessing

Children are especially vulnerable – both to the virus and to the loss of parents. Thousands of children who have lost both parents in recent months have become wards of the government.

  • Light of Blessing has requested approval from the government to care for these destitute and abandoned children and orphans. Pray that they will receive approval for this new ministry effort.
  • Pray that the Lord will protect and preserve orphaned children.