Bazaar Story: Fountain of Life Christian School

Bazaar Story: Fountain of Life Christian School

Bazaar Story: Fountain of Life Christian School


(Juan Tomás, Dominican Republic) 

Vincente attended Fountain of Life Christian School (FLCS) throughout his school years. During his time at FLCS, he heard the gospel but was afraid to put his faith in Jesus. Vincente thought the happiness the world offered would satisfy him. After graduating from FLCS, Vincente tasted what the world offered—and it left him unhappy and empty. His thoughts drifted back to the Bible lessons from FLCS and he realized the world could not bring him joy—only Jesus could. Vincente started attending church and placed his faith in Jesus.

“I could see the grace of God through FLCS,” Vincente said.

Fountain of Life Christian School’s faithfulness to meet both educational and spiritual needs of impoverished kids is changing the lives of students like Vincente. FLCS serves over 450 children in the impoverished area of Juan Tomás in the Dominican Republic. The teachers in this close-knit community create an environment of safety, are dedicated to excellence in education, and share Jesus with students.


Fountain of Life Christian School meets the needs of children who don’t have a public school to attend—80 percent of students come from nearby villages! Without FLCS, these kids wouldn’t have access to education!


Pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the teachers and students at Fountain of Life Christian School and to grow them in faith, love, and steadfastness throughout the school year. Pray also that the school would be alight in the community, drawing families into the fellowship of their local church.


In addition to prayer, Oakseed’s bazaar catalog offers tangible ways to provide for Fountain of Life Christian School as they minister to these kids, including 

  • Bible for a new believing family: Many families come to faith through the education their children receive at FLCS. This gift provides a family with a personal copy of the Bible. 
  • School Kit: This gift provides students with a uniform, backpack, and school supplies to participate in classes.
  • Curriculum and supplies for teachers: This gift blesses teachers with new school supplies like staplers, paper clips, pens, paper, and curriculum materials.
  • Teacher salary for one month: Teachers at FLCS are paid less than public school teachers; the teachers who come to FLCS are dedicated to Christian education. This gift blesses a teacher with a full month of salary.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will bless FLCS with the resources to provide excellent Christian education to impoverished children.

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