Gospel Ministry and Care for Widows and Orphans

Gospel Ministry and Care for Widows and Orphans

Gospel Ministry and Care for Widows and Orphans

Many of Oakseed’s ministry partners specifically minister to widows and orphans, demonstrating that the Lord is “father of the fatherless and protector of widows” (Psalm 68:5).

Please Pray:

  • For the Lord to use Oakseed’s ministry partners to boldly show the power and hope of the gospel to those in deep poverty and brokenness.
  • For the Lord to shine the light of Jesus into the hearts of these widows and orphans, bringing them to faith in Him.
  • For the Lord to provide for the widows and orphans, showing Himself to be their father and protector.

Here is a sampling of Oakseed’s ministry partners who care for widows and orphans in their communities as part of their gospel ministry.

Hannah House Family (Burundi) serves orphans and widows who lack access to education and resources to live healthy lives by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. HHF runs a small orphanage where 16 kids attend school and participate in nightly Bible lessons. In addition to building homes for widows in their community, they offer a six-month sewing program, teaching them to sew and run a small business to move toward self-sufficiency.

Hanna Orphan’s Home (Ethiopia) cares for children who lost parents to HIV/AIDS by providing a Christian home and family environment. They also extend care to vulnerable children in their community, providing all of these children with enrollment in a local school, afterschool tutoring programs, meals, weekly Bible studies, and counseling.

Jars of Oil Mission Africa (Uganda) ministers to elderly widows, affectionately referred to as grannies, who lost their children to AIDS and are now raising their orphaned grandchildren. These grannies live in deep poverty and can barely meet their own needs, let alone the needs of grandchildren now in their care. JOMA provides support and hope for them as they seek to move forward by arranging medical treatment, providing food packages and gardening supplies, improving housing, and enrolling their grandchildren in schools.

Mustard Seed Orphanage (Myanmar) uniquely combines orphan and widow support as it provides food, housing, Christian education, discipleship, job training, and medical care for over 190 widows and orphans. Rather than living in isolation, widows are folded into the ministry to care for orphans at Mustard Seed Orphanage’s three houses. Their needs are met while giving them tangible work and ministry after the loss of their own families. Since widows understand loss, they can empathize with children grieving the loss of parents and extended family. In this way, MSO is building a community centered upon Christ, incorporating both widows and children into the church and community life.

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (Kenya) is raising 35 orphaned children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, establishing the children in a loving family environment where they are cared for and discipled. One creative way they demonstrate the dignity and worth of each child is by hosting monthly birthday celebrations, where every child enjoys cake and special treats, and the birthday children receive gifts.

Oakseed offers opportunities to support these ministries through prayer and general and specific giving. We also publish an annual bazaar catalog full of gifts that Oakseed and our partners have carefully chosen to meet the real needs of their specific ministries. These are blessings above and beyond our ongoing support for their ministry work and are excellent options for Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Please contact info@oakseed.org for more information or to request a catalog. Please visit our group gifts page to come alongside these ministries in caring for widows and orphans.