Gospel Ministry and Education (Part 2)

Gospel Ministry and Education (Part 2)

Gospel Ministry and Education (Part 2)

Last week, we shared about how vital education is for families across the globe and how Oakseed’s ministry partners are laboring to provide educational support to their communities as they bring the gospel to them.

Please pray:

  • For the Lord to point kids to Jesus as their only source of salvation and raise them to be future godly leaders, ministers, teachers, missionaries, employees, and parents.
  • For the Lord to give the children a vision for doing all things for His glory.
  • For the Lord to provide the school fees and supplies needed so that the kids can prosper in their studies.
  • For the Lord to provide for Oakseed’s ministry partners so they can support their children in these educational endeavors.

Here are descriptions of how several more of Oakseed’s ministry partners are serving their communities in this way:

Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya) promotes high school education and post-secondary planning for orphans and impoverished young people, including children of lay pastors, in their communities. They provide school fees, vocational skills, and career guidance and regularly visit the students at their homes to provide spiritual instruction and counseling.

MISIUR (Peru) provides comprehensive spiritual and physical care for poor children and their families, including daily afterschool programs with educational support, Bible studies, and counseling services.

Morning Light (Ethiopia) shares the gospel and meets the tangible needs of impoverished women and children. They provide healthy meals, medical care, school supplies, clothing, and tutoring assistance to ensure that these kids can thrive.

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (Kenya) is raising 35 orphaned children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. In addition to providing a loving home environment, RHOC enrolls children in local schools and supports them in their educational endeavors. Reaching high school is a significant milestone for orphans, and without RHOC’s support, many of their young people would not be able to afford the cost of high school tuition.

Royal Nest (Liberia) is a tuition-free Christian school for impoverished children in the slums of Monrovia, Liberia. The gospel is shared in the classroom through a Christ-centered curriculum, and school employees conduct home visits. Through this ministry, children and families are exposed to the gospel and folded into the church for fellowship and discipleship.

Sugandh (India) helps transform the lives of working children in a slum of South Delhi by providing daily meals, spiritual training, and tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics. Sugandh also operates a Bible and vocational skills school where young adults and teenagers learn sewing, painting, and card making.

Teen Ministry (Egypt) brings love and hope into the lives of teenage girls living in “garbage city,” a part of Cairo. Through bazaar gifts, they provide tuition for a four-year university degree for these girls, a life-changing gift for a girl living in the garbage district. Previous recipients have graduated and now work as nurses and teachers. They also provide counseling, tutoring, and meals for these precious girls.

Oakseed offers opportunities to support these ministries through prayer and general and specific giving. We also publish an annual bazaar catalog full of gifts that have been carefully chosen by Oakseed and our partners to meet the real needs of their specific ministries. These are blessings above and beyond our ongoing support for their ministry work and are excellent options for Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Please contact info@oakseed.org for more information or to request a catalog. To give these ministries the gift of funds for school fees or school supplies, visit our group gifts catalog page.