Gospel Ministry and Clothing

Gospel Ministry and Clothing

Gospel Ministry and Clothing

Millions of urban poor worldwide are affected by clothing insecurity, lacking funding for proper clothing and footwear.

Many urban poor struggle to afford food and housing, making even basic clothing items seem unaffordable luxuries. They might not own a complete set of clothing, and cleaning or repairing those items can be difficult and expensive. As children outgrow clothing items, they might be unable to replace them. This leaves them exposed and vulnerable to disease and injury. It also affects their ability to pursue an education or secure a job, as proper clothing is often required for these endeavors.

Oakseed’s ministry partners believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ addresses the whole person and that there is an inherent dignity in being created in the image of God. They pair gospel ministry with mercy ministry by providing clothing to people in their communities.

Please Pray:

  • For the Lord to bring the children and adults who receive these clothing items to faith in Jesus as their good and loving Provider.
  • For the Lord to bring about natural opportunities for sharing the gospel and discipleship as Oakseed’s ministry partners serve their communities.
  • For boldness and protection for Oakseed’s ministry partners as they share the gospel.
  • For the Lord to provide for Oakseed’s ministry partners. For the Lord to draw entire families to Christ and the church as they experience the love of Christ through these ministries.

Here is a sampling of Oakseed’s ministry partners who provide clothing to their communities as they minister the gospel to them.

Calvary Mission Center and Sugandh (India) bring the gospel to impoverished areas of Nagpur and New Delhi. As part of their holistic gospel ministry, they distribute clothing to needy children during slum visits and at community centers.

Hannah House Family (Burundi) invests in the lives of youth through their kids’ clubs and back-to-school programs. Both programs couple gospel ministry with practical support for the kids to thrive in school. This summer, they distributed clothes and uniforms to hundreds of children as part of these programs.

Lily of the Valleys (Brazil) is a Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care program in Catanduva, Brazil, helping teenage girls and women escape the prison of addiction to find freedom in Christ. Each program graduate is given a new dress and shoes as a graduation gift. For many of these women, this is their first new dress, and it provides a professional outfit for job interviews.

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (Kenya) is raising 35 orphaned children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, caring for each child in a loving environment where they can have their physical and emotional needs met by being part of a Christian community. The children are always excited when they get to pick out new clothes and shoes for themselves.

Teen Ministry (Egypt) brings love and hope into the lives of teenage girls living in the “Garbage City,” a part of Cairo, Egypt, used as the city’s landfill. They teach these girls how to find joy in Christ while providing a safe place to receive medical and dental services, learn about hygiene, receive clothing and a pair of shoes, receive funding for school, and hear the gospel.

Oakseed offers opportunities to support these ministries through prayer and general and specific giving. We also publish an annual bazaar catalog full of gifts that have been carefully chosen by Oakseed and our partners to meet the real needs of their specific ministries. These are blessings above and beyond our ongoing support for their ministry work and are excellent options for Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Please contact info@oakseed.org for more information or to request a catalog. To give the gift of clothing to these ministries, visit our group gifts catalog page.