Gospel Ministry and Nutrition (Part 2)

Gospel Ministry and Nutrition (Part 2)

Gospel Ministry and Nutrition (Part 2)

Last week, we shared about how food insecurity affects families across the globe and how Oakseed’s ministry partners are laboring to provide nutrition to their communities as they bring the gospel to them.

Please Pray:

  • For the Lord to provide the needs of each of these ministry partners so that they can continue to bring the gospel to the people in their communities.
  • For the Lord to give Oakseed’s ministry partners ongoing relationships with their communities as they bring physical sustenance, giving them extended opportunities to share the gospel with them.
  • For the Lord to bring the participants in these programs to faith in Jesus as the Bread of Life.
  • For the Lord to draw entire families to Christ and the church as they experience the love of Christ through these ministries.

Here are descriptions of how several more of Oakseed’s ministry partners are serving their communities in this way:

Love Link (El Salvador) provides free daily lunches to 650 kids, holds nutrition clinics, and provides medical assessments in eight locations across El Salvador. Additionally, aquaponic ponds provide fish and vegetables for families to eat and sell. The money earned helps families buy food or provides for other needs at the center.

MISIUR (Peru) runs the Bread of Life program, meeting the nutritional needs of 500 children whose parents struggle to afford food. This program provides weekday lunches and devotions to needy children and their family members. MISIUR also leads livelihood projects to promote self-sufficiency among women through training in baking, cosmetology and starting a chicken farm.

Morning Light (Ethiopia) provides single mothers with food to meet the nutritional needs of their children. Children are given healthy meals, medical care, school supplies, clothing, and tutoring assistance to ensure impoverished kids can thrive.

Mustard Seed Orphanage (Myanmar) keeps livestock and grows most of the food to feed the children in their care, in addition to overseeing their education and medical care.

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (Kenya) provides their children with food, housing, education, and medical care. Additionally, RHOC runs a dairy farm with four milking cows to provide milk for the children.

Semear (Brazil) pairs the gospel with providing tangible assistance through gardening, language learning, and nutrition. The crops raised in these gardens are shared with the participants to provide nutritious food, and surpluses are sold in the community. In addition, as families are taught how to grow their own food, they are supplied with vertical gardens to supplement their nutrition.

Sugandh (India) has been transforming the lives of working children for 22 years. Before going to work as trash collectors in the marketplace, children ages 6–10 come to the center for two hours. Kids receive a meal and are taught reading, writing, mathematics, and about Jesus.

Teen Ministry (Egypt) ministers to young girls in the garbage district, who are vulnerable to abuse from men who promise to feed them a “nice meal” (such as from a fast-food restaurant) if they convert to Islam. If they refuse, they risk suffering abuse. Teen Ministry provides food and special “nice meal” trips freely through the love of Christ rather than as a tool of manipulation.

Oakseed offers opportunities to support these ministries through prayer and general and specific giving. We also publish an annual bazaar catalog full of gifts that have been carefully chosen by Oakseed and our partners to meet the real needs of their specific ministries. These are blessings above and beyond our ongoing support for their ministry work and are excellent options for Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Please contact info@oakseed.org for more information or to request a catalog. To give the gift of food, ongoing food sources, or a gardening kit to these ministries, visit our group gifts catalog page.