Child Sponsorship at Oakseed

Child Sponsorship at Oakseed

Child Sponsorship at Oakseed

The gospel is personal.

Missions is about people, and Oakseed believes in personal missions. Our ministry partners come alongside a child in need, encouraging and helping them and demonstrating the love of Jesus. The children in our sponsorship program desperately need love, care, and faithful prayer. Through sponsorship, you can make a difference in a child’s life by praying daily, sending occasional correspondence, and giving a small monthly contribution.

  • Oakseed offers personal programs that are child-focused and led by local indigenous ministries.

You can be sure your sponsored child receives excellent support appropriate for success in their specific community. Because of this, each of Oakseed’s sponsorship programs presents a different sponsorship experience.

  • Oakseed offers personal prayer requests.

When we receive news that your sponsored child has come home sick from school, is taking a major exam, shows interest in the gospel, or has other prayer requests, we will share that with you.

  • Oakseed offers personal, authentic communication opportunities. 

Oakseed sponsorship programs do not use templates for communication. You can exchange video messages, pictures, and letters with your sponsored child.

  • Oakseed offers personal sponsor support dedicated to fostering your sponsorship relationship. 

As an Oakseed sponsor, you have one primary contact who knows your sponsored child and your account. You have access to an online sponsor account, and we are also happy to help you through email. Oakseed provides flexibility in donation frequency and method.

Visit our sponsorship page or email for more information.

*Transparency and Integrity

Oakseed takes no overhead from sponsorship donations. Every dollar of your donation will go to care for your sponsored child. Oakseed liaisons visit the ministry partner yearly, communicate frequently, and ensure funds are used with integrity.