Ashirvad Kanti—Helps children from the slums get an education and job training, combats child hunger, and addresses children’s basic medical needs. (India)

Association of Christian Thoughtfulness (ACT)—Teaches life skills to youth and helps them get educational and vocational training. (India)

Evangelical Social Action Forum (ESAF)— Cares for over 1,500 children in 34 child care centers, providing a well-rounded education as well as training in vocational skills such as computer literacy and basic gardening. (India)

Fundação Baseball—Uses baseball to teach children about Christ and help keep at-risk children from falling through the cracks of society. (Brazil)

Jagat Ki Jyoti—Provides basic education to primary school students whose parents cannot otherwise afford to educate them. (India)

Living Tree Orphanage—Provides a homelike atmosphere for neglected children with severe cerebral palsy who would not otherwise be adopted. (China)

Love Link—Offers intervention to infants who suffer from severe malnutrition, providing them with nutrition and medical care. (El Salvador)

MISIUR—MISIUR’s ministry centers in impoverished, rural, and crisis-stricken areas provide children with nutrition, educational opportunities, and spiritual support so they can fulfill their God-given potential. (Peru)

Mustard Seed Orphanage—Cares for orphans, helping them get an education and vocational training, find suitable employment, and reintegrate back into their community. (Myanmar)

Roblealto Child Care Association—Roblealto cares for at-risk children who come from homes where they experience poverty, inadequate care, lack of educational opportunities, and may suffer neglect or abuse. (Costa Rica)

South Mumbai Center (Valley of Praise)—Meets educational needs by helping pay tuition, providing school supplies, distributing educational books, and offering career counseling. (India)

Sugandh—Primarily cares for children from migrant families whose parents are involved in low-income employment such as rag-picking and rickshaw pulling, offering them a mid-day meal, basic education, and vocational training. (India)

Teen Ministry—Teen Ministry gives girls from Cairo’s streets and slums a chance at a better life. At their social and spiritual care center, Teen Ministry seeks to win girls to Christ and provide them with opportunities for empowerment, education, and personal development. (Egypt)