Bazaar Story: Brazilian Baseball Association

Bazaar Story: Brazilian Baseball Association

Bazaar Story: Brazilian Baseball Association


(São José dos Campos, Brazil)

The Brazilian Baseball and Softball Association (ABBS) shares the gospel using baseball in low-income areas with poor schools and infrastructure. Youth from the favelas (slums) attend the weekly baseball skill training program and Bible studies for participants and their parents. Through the ministry of ABBS, families learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives. Kids form safe, Christ-centered friendships within this “baseball family” and stay away from the dangers of drug involvement, crime, and trafficking.


Even though children participated on the ABBS team and learned to play baseball, they couldn’t play in any away games or seriously compete with other teams because they lacked transportation. In 2021, a van was purchased from the Oakseed bazaar catalog. This past year, kids fully competed in the local baseball leagues by finally attending away games. Additionally, the van expanded ABBS’s outreach to farther away favelas (slums) by transporting children to the fields and events.  


Please pray for the Lord to use ABBS to draw children to Himself and away from the lure of drugs and crime. 


In addition to prayer, Oakseed’s bazaar catalog offers tangible ways to provide for ABBS as they minister to these kids, including:  

  • Bible for a slum child: Children are delighted to receive their own Bibles and quickly write their names and the baseball position they play on the inside cover. 
  • Gloves, hats, baseballs: Baseball equipment allows children to participate in games and tournaments.
  • Uniforms and cleats for two players: This gift provides two players with the uniform and proper shoes to play baseball. Uniforms also allow children to look and feel like a team.
  • Baseball training camp: ABBS uses baseball camps to host Bible studies and build relationships with players while learning the sport. Your gift allows impoverished children to attend camp at no cost.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will be given to ABBS to be used where it is most needed, as they serve impoverished children through baseball.  

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