Mr. Lawson Bader

Lawson Bader is president and CEO of DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund. Previously, he served as president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a research, and outreach organization dedicated to reducing government barriers to entrepreneurship, innovation and economic liberty. Before joining CEI, Mr. Bader spent sixteen years as vice president of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He was also formerly the manager of government relations at SRI International, a legislative analyst with the DC law firm Pierson, Semmes and Finley, and a special assistant at the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. He is a former columnist with Human Events and serves on the boards of the Atlas Network and State Policy Network. Mr. Bader earned a BA in political science from Wheaton College and an MA in public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Mr. Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett has been employed as an electrical engineer in Northern Virginia for the past 30 years. Prior to that, he served for 10 years as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy. He holds a BS in Oceanography from the US Naval Academy and a MSEE from the Naval Postgraduate School. Tom and his family reside in Northern Virginia. They are long-time members of McLean Presbyterian Church, where Tom serves as a ruling elder.

Mrs. Tiffany Crosley, Director

Tiffany Crosley is the Director of Oakseed Ministries International. As the daughter of Oakseed’s founder, the Rev. Dr. Edward Bradley, Tiffany has served Oakseed in multiple capacities since her childhood, including serving on the board and working as a fundraising consultant, graphic designer, and administrative volunteer before being asked to direct the organization in 2016. Before leading Oakseed Ministries, Tiffany served as the director of philanthropy for the John Jay Institute, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, the Alabama Policy Institute, and the Tax Foundation. Tiffany holds a BS in political science from Appalachian State University. She lives with her husband and five children in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and attends Faith Reformed Baptist Church in Media, Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Salome Duvvur, Secretary

Salome Duvvur is an IT project manager for a government consulting firm in Northern Virginia, holds a master’s degree in computer science from The College of William & Mary, and is a certified project management professional. She is privileged to have traveled on mission trips, primarily to India, with a focus on children. She is also the co-founder of Hannah’s Toy Library, a social entrepreneurship program in India where toys are made accessible to children from underprivileged families and street dwellers with the intent to motivate these children to think big and achieve great success in life.

Mr. Richard Holley

Richard Holley retired as CEO from a high tech manufacturing company in 2017. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of a wireless / RF communications company in Northern Virginia. Richard previously served on the Oakseed Board under the direction of Oakseed’s founder, Ed Bradley, and has seen first hand the life-changing impact of our indigenous Ministry Partners. He and his wife, Laura, are long-time members of McLean Presbyterian Church. They have two daughters and a son. 

Mr. Jamie Johnson, Chairman

Jamie Johnson is chair of the Oakseed Board of Directors. He is a senior executive with the Department of Homeland Security and has worked in the federal government for over 25 years in various leadership and management positions in national security. Jamie currently serves as a ruling elder with Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Arlington, Virginia. He and his wife June have two college-age daughters, Beth Ann and Marie.

Mr. John Kipps

John Kipps is a member of McLean Presbyterian Church in McLean, Virginia, where he leads a home fellowship group, participates on the Work Placement Committee for the Capital Fellows Program, and serves as an elder currently on sabbatical. Mr. Kipps previously served as director of project management at Time Warner Cable and is currently exploring mostly director/senior level project management positions at cybersecurity, telecom, and educational services organizations in the Washington, DC area. He and his wife, Debbie, have three sons.

Rev. Stephen Smallman

Stephen Smallman retired after serving for over 50 years in pastoral ministry. His experience includes 30 years as Pastor of McLean Presbyterian Church, where he came to know and love the Bradley family. Steve was the executive director of World Harvest Mission and has authored several publications that are still in use. He and his wife, Sandy, live in the Philadelphia area and have four grown children and 11 grandchildren.

Mr. Norm Snyder, Treasurer

Norm Snyder is a CPA and assurance partner with Aronson LLC, a large regional CPA firm based in the DC metro area. While he now focuses on working with tech, life science, and venture-backed companies, during his career he has served many Christian ministry clients including Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) members. Norm holds a BA in accounting from the University of Maryland.

Mrs. Nancy Wilhelm

Nancy Wilhelm attended Rutgers College of Nursing in Newark, New Jersey, and has worked in the nursing field throughout her career, including 13 years working in an elementary school clinic in Reston, Virginia. Much of her life has been devoted to volunteer activities, including 18 years with the English as a Second Language (ESL) ministry at McLean Presbyterian Church. She has directed the ESL program since 2006. She has two children and five grandchildren.