Bazaar Catalog Best-Sellers

Bazaar Catalog Best-Sellers

Bazaar Catalog Best-Sellers

Whether you’ve already selected your gifts from this year’s catalog, are still trying to decide, or are looking for a stocking stuffer, giving a best-seller gift will positively impact the life of the urban poor around the world. And giving a gift that helps impoverished families makes a thoughtful, life-changing gift to friends and family this holiday season.

We wanted to highlight our top-selling gifts that allow you to see real needs met among the urban poor—spiritual and physical.


Where most needed

Equips a ministry with the resources—including staffing, materials, supporting services, buildings, equipment, or food—to fulfill its mission to serve the poor and show the love of Christ.


Enable those in need of hope to meet Jesus on the pages of Scripture.

Livestock bundle: pig & two chickens

These two animals provide ongoing ways to meet the food needs of orphans. Chickens lay eggs, and pigs can produce offspring to sell.


Meet a basic need of those in poverty.

Send a child to school for a year

Open the world to a child by providing an education.

Sports outreach: baseball gear

Provide a way for slum children to escape gangs.

Baby bundle: diapers, formula, baby wipes

Help sick infants on the path toward recovery.

Children’s health: vitamins and medicine

Be a part of keeping the next generation healthy


Give a best-seller gift if you aren’t sure which gift to give this holiday season or are searching for a unique stocking stuffer. Make a difference in the life of someone living in poverty this Christmas!

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