When Edgar and Katie were little, they lived with their mother in a scrap metal shack. Because of their family’s extreme poverty, their mother could not send her children to school. She came to Roblealto for help. Today, Katie is a lawyer, and Edgar is a doctor. Both help support Roblealto’s ministry.

Priscilla was brought to Roblealto as a young child. Though the ministry tried to reunite her family, Priscilla’s birthmother would not make the changes needed to care for her adequately. Roblealto helped settle Priscilla with a new family. Today she is a pharmacist who shares Christ with those whose experiences are like her own.

More than 1.1 million Costa Ricans live in poverty, and over 280,000 children do not attend school. Roblealto Childcare Association works with families in extreme poverty, providing hope, intervention, and spiritual support. Roblealto helps break the cycle of poverty through the power of the gospel.


  • Poverty limits children’s opportunities for an education, increasing the likelihood that their children will also live in poverty. Many children in Costa Rica work to help support their families. Children often work in the fields, selling goods on the streets, or working from home with their families.
  • UNICEF estimates that as many as 36,000 children are living on the streets of Costa Rica as a result of either of being orphaned or because of fleeing abuse at home. Children living on the streets are vulnerable to gang violence, drugs, and sexual abuse.
  • There is a rampant child sex industry in Costa Rica, fueled in part by the over 5,000 people who come to Costa Rica for the sex tourism industry. Orphaned girls who live on the street are vulnerable to being lured into sex trafficking and prostitution.


  • Roblealto cares for at-risk children who come from homes where they experience poverty, inadequate care, lack of educational opportunities, and may suffer neglect or abuse. At Roblealto’s four childcare centers, children receive nutrition, education, support and they learn about God’s love.
  • Roblealto’s family treatment system is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty. Many times, the ministry does not need to provide care for the second generation of children because of the changes in the family.
  • Families who participate in the ministry are exposed to the gospel and learn how to improve their interactions with one another, find healthier ways to resolve conflict, develop job skills to improve their financial situation, and discover ways to integrate Christian values into everyday life.


Missionaries Harry and Susan Strachan founded Roblealto in 1932. From the beginning, Roblealto’s mission was to care for the children of Costa Rica who are in critical situations and to provide them with support, intervention, and Christian love. Today, Roblealto cares for almost 900 children in their four childcare and family development centers. With families involved, over 1,500 people receive help from the ministry. They also operate a temporary shelter, an adolescent program, and a specialized school for learning and behavioral problems.  Roblealto became an Oakseed Ministry Partner in 2002. Oakseed offers the ministry financial support and prayer, as well as sponsorship opportunities to care for and pray for children in need.

Prayer Needs

  • Children who have never attended school before receive an education at Roblealto. Pray for their teachers to meet every challenge with prayer, patience, creativity, and hope.
  • Pray for the support needed to open new childcare centers and a training center where people living in poverty can learn the skills or trades they need to find steady jobs.
  • Pray for volunteers and donors who will commit to support and participate in Roblealto’s work.


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