The area of the world now known as Pakistan was once a cradle of ancient civilizations. The only nation to be created specifically as a place for Islam, Pakistan is 95 percent Muslim. While ethnically and linguistically diverse, the country is predominantly poor. Government corruption and terrorism are continuing threats.

The Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students works among Pakistan’s college and university students to establish and nurture a witness for Christ among the student population, help students develop a biblical worldview and grow in their faith through Bible study and prayer, lead graduates to a dynamic understanding of world mission, and equip them to transform their society by applying biblical values in their work and their lives.


  • Pakistan’s economic outlook is bleak. The average per capita income is $460, and an estimated 35 percent of Pakistanis live below the poverty line.
  • Terrorism is a constant threat that the government seems unable to check, leading to fear of travel and difficulty in doing ministry.
  • Churches struggle with the allure of false teaching. People living in poverty are drawn to false teachers who come promising money and wealth.
  • Many graduates leave the country to seek better economic opportunities elsewhere.


  • Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students serves in 10 cities throughout Pakistan, reaching almost 1,500 students through 19 Bible study groups.
  • Bible study groups meet on a weekly basis, helping students develop lifelong friendships as they study the Word of God.
  • Get-togethers, training programs, and summer camps provide further opportunities for students to form relationships, study the Bible, and develop a Christian worldview.
  • The ministry has also begun fellowship groups for medical and engineering students.


The Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students began in 1956. Joseph H. Good, of Good Samaritan Hospital in Jhelum, was the first to envision an evangelical student fellowship in Pakistan. He shared his vision with Gordon Olson, one of his fellow students at Dallas Theological Seminary. Olson arrived in Pakistan in 1956. In its early years, the fellowship was supported by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. The growing organization was renamed as the Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students in 1986. Mr. Phillip Chandi began serving as the fourth general secretary of PFES in 2001 and has served with the organization for over 25 years. Today PFES is serving in 10 staff based cities and five extensions cities. The organization has 13 staff members, reaching out to over 1,500 students in 19 Bible study groups.

The Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students became an Oakseed Ministry Partner in 1994. Oakseed helps the ministry continue to reach out to students through small groups, summer camps and supplying funds to help the organization meet their budget needs.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for the safety of the ministry volunteers, students, and staff as terrorism continues to grow in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is a poor country, and the ministry faces ongoing financial challenges in carrying out their work. Pray that God will meet their needs.
  • Pray that new Bible study groups and fellowships will be started.
  • As Pakistan churches struggle with false teaching, pray that students involved in the ministry will understand and commit themselves to follow the truth of God’s Word.


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