Over 40 percent of Myanmar’s residents are poor or extremely poor. Houses are built on stilts to keep them out of range of the frequent floods. Poverty often leads families to abandon their elderly, and many families are too poor to care for their children. Widows and orphans are among the most vulnerable.

Mustard Seed Youth Development Centre cares for Yangon’s widows and orphans, providing them with food, housing, medical care, and spiritual nourishment. Led by a board of volunteers, Mustard Seed offers love and hope to those who need it most.


  • The United Nations estimates that 40 percent of Yangon’s 5 million residents are in poverty or extreme poverty. The city’s population is expected to double to 10 million within the next two decades.
  • The typical home in Yangon is a bamboo shack built on top of stilts. On average, five people live in a 12 by 12-foot space.
  • The elderly in Myanmar are among the poorest of the poor. Widows are particularly vulnerable to poverty and abandonment.
  • Poverty means that many families cannot afford to care for their children. Often these children wind up in orphanages or on the street.


  • Mustard Seed cares for over 100 widows and orphans.
  • Mustard Seed keeps their own livestock and grows their own food, helping them provide for the orphans and widows in their care.
  • Many of the children Mustard Seed cares for grow up in the orphanage, making commitments to God as they grow. Mustard Seed cares for these children throughout their development, helping them get an education and vocational training, finding suitable employment, and reintegrate back into the community. Some also pursue a university education.


Oakseed has been a partner of the Mustard Seed Youth Development Centre since 2008. Oakseed’s prayer and financial support enable Mustard Seed’s continued support of the widows and orphans in their care.

Prayer Needs

  • As the population of Yangon grows and needs increase, pray for God’s provision so Mustard Seed can care for all those in need.
  • Pray that the widows and children Mustard Seed cares for will know and respond to God’s love and care.
  • Pray for volunteers to have courage, wisdom, and patience as they share God’s love with those society has forgotten.


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