Lidia came to MISUR’s San Genaro project when she was seven years old. She became an orphan at age ten. MISUR gave her a safe place to grow and helped provide her with food, education, and a spiritual foundation. Lidia became a Christian when she was 14 and was able to attend nursing school with MISIUR’s help. Today, Lidia is a nurse working in a Lima hospital.

Jessica also came to MISIUR when she was seven years old. Jessica’s father is a watchman, and her mother cleans cars. MISIUR helped support Jessica throughout her educational career, and she accepted Christ when she was 16 years old. Jessica got a business degree and now works in the car industry.

When Sonilda came to MISIUR’s Ica project, she was from one of the poorest families in the region. The hut she lived in lacked electricity and running water. She could not read, and her hair was infected with fungus. MISIUR helped Sonilda’s family improve their housing and provide better nutrition for their children. Sonilda learned to read. She also learned to pray and enjoys reading Bible stories. Her teachers are amazed by the change they see in her.

Lidia, Jessica, and Sonilda are all examples of how MISIUR helps break the cycle of poverty with the power of the gospel. MISIUR operates in several regions of Peru, including San José De Los Molinos,  Región Ica, San Genaro, Chorrillos, and Lima. MISIUR cares for families in poverty and crisis by providing them with food, educational opportunities, and social and emotional support.


  • Peru’s national rural poverty rate is over 50 percent. Seventy-eight percent of Peru’s indigenous children live in poverty, and a third of all rural children suffer from chronic malnutrition.
  • Peru is in constant turmoil from poverty, migration, and overcrowding. The rates of gang and family violence continue to rise, as well drug abuse, alcoholism, and internet gambling.
  • The poverty, violence, and substandard educational system produce children who fail at life before they’ve had a chance to try.


  • MISIUR’s ministry centers provide impoverished children with nutrition, educational opportunities, and spiritual support. Centers in impoverished, rural, and crisis-stricken areas provide needed intervention and support so children can develop according to their God-given potential.
  • The Bread of Life project offers children a nutritious lunch and a daily Bible lesson. The program is run by low-income evangelical churches who teach Bible lessons and organize mothers to prepare the meal. Over 1,600 children have participated in the program.
  • Through its Institute of Christian Social Studies, MISIUR has created a safe space for education. They teach Christian social thought from a Protestant perspective and provide Evangelical leadership training. They have even published leading books and magazines to motivate Christians to join the work of missions.


MISIUR was founded in 1989. Its first project was to support and relocate displaced families who were the victims of violence and terrorism. Today, MISIUR is led by Pastor Roger Araujo Solano. The ministry has developed a reputation for their expertise in diffusing volatile situations and for promoting the church in Peru. MISIUR has helped facilitate connections between Peruvian evangelical denominations and educational institutions. MISIUR has helped countless men, women, and children break free from the chains of poverty and find freedom in Christ.

MISIUR has been an Oakseed partner since 2001. Oakseed helps provide biblical materials for MISIUR’s work with children, personnel training, infrastructure improvements, and has helped MISIUR implement musical instruments and farms and organic gardens into their programs.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray that the children MISIUR cares for will grow physically and spiritually and that they will place their hope and trust in Christ.
  • MISIUR often serves in areas affected by natural disasters such as earthquake and flooding. Pray for the health and safety of those living in these areas.
  • Pray that the ministry will find ways to generate revenue and achieve self-sustainability.
  • Pray for workers and churches who are willing to partner with MISIUR in their ministry.


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