China’s orphanages were once filled with healthy baby girls. But as China has relaxed its one-child policy, that situation has changed. Today, 98 percent of China’s orphans are disabled children, and the number of orphans in China grows by between 30,000 and 50,000 children each year. Parents unable to care for their disabled children often leave them in the care of orphanages, where they remain with little hope of adoption. In Yanjiao, China, Living Tree Orphanage provides a home for abandoned children with cerebral palsy. Living Tree’s mission is to provide these children with dignity, happiness, and opportunity through God’s acceptance and love.


  • Approximately 900,000 children with disabilities are born in China each year.
  • Outside groups estimate that China has one million children in orphanages or foster care.
  • Once in orphanages, severely disabled children have a slim chance of ever being adopted.


  • Living Tree Orphanage provides a homelike atmosphere for children with severe cerebral palsy who would not otherwise be adopted.
  • The orphanage attracts volunteers from all over China and across the world each year. By receiving and sharing love, the children at Living Tree encourage others to find the source of true love.


In 2002, one of Living Tree’s founders met a little boy named PangPang at a state-run orphanage. PangPang was around three or four years old and had severe cerebral palsy. Badly malnourished, he seemed as small and bony as a stick. She took PangPang to a nearby rehabilitation center, where he improved over the two weeks of care he received. But after the two weeks were up, she didn’t know the next step to take.

That experience with PangPang led to the founding of Living Tree Orphanage. Living Tree became an Oakseed Ministry Partner in 2004. Today, the orphanage is run by the two co-founders along with over twenty staff members and volunteers from churches, universities, and the community. Although they have been abandoned by their families, disabled children experience God’s acceptance and love at Living Tree Orphanage.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray that these children whom society has rejected will know God’s acceptance and love.
  • Pray for financial provision and for the volunteers and staff needed to continue Living Tree’s work.


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