Nagpur is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is the largest city in central India. Known as the “Orange City” because of its famous orange gardens, Nagpur is a major commercial and political center. But like many Indian cities, Nagpur is also home to stark poverty and deprivation. Over 40 percent of Nagpur’s population lives in the city’s 424 legal slum areas. Violence is on the rise, and many poor women and children find it difficult to get an education. But Jagat Ki Jyoti (“Light of the World”) is a light in Nagpur’s darkness. Through their work, many have come to see the light of God’s love.


  • Increases in violence, Hindu militancy, and terrorism have made Nagpur a challenging place to minister.
  • While Nagpur is a major education hub for India, poor families still cannot afford to educate their children. Women in poverty also lack access to vocational training and educational opportunities.
  • The rising prices of commodities and necessities continue to impact families in poverty and increase the resources needed to carry on the work.


  • Jagat Ki Jyoti provides basic education to primary school students whose parents cannot otherwise afford to educate them.
  • Through vocational courses such as tailoring, fashion design, and basic sewing classes, the ministry helps poor women find ways to support themselves and increase their family’s income.
  • Computer classes for beginners, families, and retail employees help develop basic job skills.
  • As ministry staff and volunteers teach and preach among the neo-Buddhist communities, they have seen hundreds of lives changed by the power of the gospel.


Jagat Ki Jyoti began as a few fellowship leaders gathered people for a time of worship and Bible study that eventually developed into a church plant. The ministry became an Oakseed partner in 1994, and Oakseed has helped the ministry by providing funds for their Christmas celebration, the purchase of bicycles and Bibles, and by helping increase prayer and donor support. With Oakseed’s help, Jagat Ki Jyoti has been able to enlarge their fellowship and vocational centers as well as build a two-story ministry center. Over the years many have come to know about the Lord and made decisions to follow Him, and they continue to see miracles and healings taking place in their prayer cells.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for protection from the corruption and violence that plague the region.
  • Pray that Jagat Ki Jyoti’s prayer cells will continue to multiply and that they will be able to develop further their ability to print Bible-based resources.
  • Pray that God will provide resources for a children’s playground and the equipment and supplies needed for the school.
  • Pray also that the ministry will be able to purchase needed equipment such as tailoring machines, beauty parlor fixtures, and carpentry tools for vocational centers.


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