For many children in India, the street is their only home. Some are abandoned by their families. Others must work instead of attending school. When life is a daily struggle to survive, it’s hard to imagine breaking free from the cycle of poverty.

Breaking the cycle of poverty is what Ashirvad Kanti’s ministry does. Ashirvad Kanti means “The light of blessing.” Through their ministry, Ashirvad Kanti brings light into India’s darkest places. They have helped children from the slums get an education and become engineers, nurses, and businessmen and women. They have also helped slum communities get basic utilities such as electricity and running water. They care for children affected by HIV and hunger, provide job skill training to destitute women, and enable churches to replicate the work through their ministries. Through their ministry, Ashirvad Kanti has seen the hand of the living God at work.


  • Poverty directly impacts children’s opportunity to receive an education. Children who work to support their families often do not go to school, and impoverished communities may lack adequate schools.
  • Poor families often depend on women’s ability to produce income, but the rate of women’s employment in India has sharply dropped in recent years due to a lack of economic opportunities for women.
  • Impoverished communities lack access to health care, medications, and basic utilities such as sanitation, electricity, and clean water.


  • Ashirvad Kanti empowers destitute women by teaching them skills such as tailoring, beautician courses, and bookbinding.
  • By helping children get an education, the ministry helps break the cycle of poverty and equips children for a better future.
  • The ministry fosters community development and works through government programs to help poor communities improve their infrastructure, gain access to healthcare, and meet basic needs.
  • The Residential Child Development Program (Ashirvad Children’s Home) hosts twenty children as full-time residents. These children come from single-parent homes, abusive environments, and families affected by HIV. At Ashirvad, the children are cared for, nurtured, educated, and groomed to be agents of change in their communities.


Ashirvad Kanti founder Pushpa Waghmare was spurred to begin the ministry by the hundreds of children who came to her, begging her to teach them and help them get an education. Today the ministry provides education, healthcare, and residential care as well as vocational training. Ashirvad Kanti has networks across India that share Christ with and minister to impoverished women and their children. They care for the destitute and the poor, showing them the power of God’s blessing and love. Oakseed’s funding helps the ministry pay staff and provide scholarships for students. The Oakseed partnership also enabled Ashirvad Kanti to build a ministry center.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray that God will raise up teachers and volunteers to educate all the children.
  • Pray that the tailoring and beautician courses that are part of the women’s empowerment program will run smoothly in the communities.
  • Pray that God will break through barriers of superstition and shame and open people’s hearts to the gospel.
  • Pray for the children in the residential program to follow Christ and become agents of change in their communities.


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