We have AMAZING news to share!

McLean Presbyterian Church in McLean, Virginia, is celebrating their 75th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone in ministry, they have dedicated themselves to meeting together on Saturday, February 9th at 10am and packing 75,000 meals for those who are in need.

While we understand that the list for possible recipients would be exponential, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and greatly humbled that McLean Presbyterian Church has chosen to come alongside Oakseed in support of Love Link, our Ministry Partner that cares for malnourished and impoverished children in El Salvador.

Love Link (or Vínculo de Amor) is best known by Oakseed supporters for their care and rehabilitation of severely malnourished babies. At their “baby house,” they have cared for over 3,500 infants who would have died or had a very low quality of life without Love Link’s intervention. In addition to their intensive care for infants, Love Link provides meals, health education and care for those with very limited resources and no government aid in the city of San Salvador as well as on an impoverished island off the coast of El Salvador.

Love Link serves many children and families each month through the following methods:

1. Ambulatory: Love Link runs an outpatient clinic where children receive medical evaluations. Weight, height, feeding routine and typical foods consumed are considered in relation to the child’s age to determine the need for possible intervention. During this clinic evaluation, any malnutrition is classified (mild, moderate, severe or chronic) and a plan is made for nutritional intervention. Children are then referred for admission to the “baby house” or outpatient treatment. Love Link then trains families in proper feeding, nutritional needs, and meal planning to ensure a healthy and effective diet for their children.

2. Admitted: Children with severe and chronic cases of malnutrition are admitted to Love Link’s “Baby House” where they are under 24/7 care with medical professionals and nurses trained in hygiene, health, and infant development. In addition to nutritional recovery, Children receive physiotherapy to aid in proper cognitive and motor skill development.

In every case, free food is offered to families and children as well as the volunteers who serve with Love Link. In this impoverished community, this food often makes up the only meal they will eat that day.

With the extremely generous gift of the meals from McLean Presbyterian Church, Love Link can fully meet the needs of the expanding communities they so faithfully serve, in addition to providing the ability to yet broaden their impact through the meals that have become available.

Please join us in praising God for this incredible display of Love. Matthew 6:33 reminds us that when we make the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness our priority, the other things that we need will be added to us in response to our loyal devotion. This is exactly what God has done for the ministry of Love Link, through the gift of McLean Presbyterian Church. He has provided for every need as the focus on God is consistently unaltered. We pray that the impact of these meals will not simply offer the satisfaction of a hearty meal, but will also be an impact that reaches far beyond, as these meals are provided in conjunction with the life-changing message of the Gospel.