Prayer Challenge: 25 Days of Prayer for the Urban Poor

Prayer Challenge: 25 Days of Prayer for the Urban Poor

Prayer Challenge: 25 Days of Prayer for the Urban Poor

No typical ministry exists among Oakseed’s ministry partners because we support 25 ministries in 14 countries. Each ministry partner uniquely meets the needs of the community they serve.  A common thread connecting all of our ministry partners is that each one was started by someone who saw a physical need amidst deep poverty and was called by God to step in and meet that need in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to have every ministry partner covered in prayer daily as they serve and lay down their lives for the gospel.

We invite you join us in a 25-day prayer challenge to pray for Oakseed’s ministry partners in 2023!

Consider kicking off the new year in prayer! By committing to pray five minutes each day for the next 25 days, you’ll make a difference in the lives of the urban poor worldwide!

For those who join the prayer challenge, each morning (starting January 1) an email will land in your inbox with a Bible verse, prayer prompts for all our ministry partners, a short ministry partner introduction, and specific requests for that ministry. At the end of the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to become an intercessor for a specific ministry partner, if you are interested.

As Craig DiBenedictis, former Oakseed ministry liaison to Latin America reminds us,

“We can give all the money in the world, but as far as anything of lasting eternal value being done, that only comes as a result of prayer.”

Please join our prayer challenge today!