Bazaar Story: Sugandh

Bazaar Story: Sugandh

Bazaar Story: Sugandh


(New Delhi, India) 

Meena migrated to Delhi from her hometown to find work. Her husband worked as a laborer, but one day he tragically died, leaving Meena to provide for her sons alone. Her application was denied when she applied for a government widow’s pension. Meena found it challenging to save money as she struggled to meet her family’s daily needs. Meena joined a Sugandh women’s self-help group. She started to save money and increased her knowledge about finances. With the help of Sugandh, Meena correctly filled out the government application for a widow’s pension and now benefits from receiving a monthly pension.

Sugandh offers savings and loan cooperative groups to women in the slums who do not have the documentation needed for a bank account, or the cost of getting to a bank exceeds what they can save in a month. Money from savings and low-interest loans from the cooperative groups enable women to buy small plots of land in their villages, cover medical expenses, and fund their children’s education.

Sugandh also operates community outreach programs to provide basic health care and awareness campaigns. The ministry also empowers vulnerable communities to participate in the process of improving their quality of life—from access to clean drinking water to electricity in homes. Women like Meena benefit from Sugandh’s finance groups and education awareness programs.


After attending an Advocacy Awareness Meeting, Naseema learned about a government program that provides gas for those in need—like herself—who are unable to cook food at home. Naseema thought she had to go through a private business and pay lots of money to obtain these vital resources. Sugandh explained how to apply for the government program to get these supplies for free. A few days later, Naseema was given a gas stove, regulator, and pipeline from the government program. Today she can cook at home using these valuable supplies.


Pray for creative ways for Sugandh to keep the focus on the gospel in their community development programs as they face governmental pressure. Pray for favor with the local governments, protection from persecution, and boldness in proclamation because the gospel alone offers eternal hope, dignity, and freedom.


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for Sugandh as they minister to women and children in their community 

  • Clothing for a slum child: Children in the slums may not own a complete set of clothing, leaving kids exposed, vulnerable to disease and injuries, and ashamed. Cleaning or repairing clothing is difficult. This gift blesses a child with a new set of clothing including a shirt, pants/dress, and underwear. 
  • Children’s vitamins and medicine: Your gift will allow Sugandh to distribute vitamins, deworming tablets, medicine, and hygiene supplies during medical outreach clinics in the slums.
  • Women’s new business grant: Your gift will bless an impoverished woman with a new business grant. Previous recipients purchased food carts and are now proudly providing for their families.
  • Community outreach celebrations: Liberia’s Independence Day and Christmas Day celebrations are outreach events to hundreds of impoverished children. Your gift ensures these outreaches continue.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will provide resources to minister to families living in the slum communities.

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