Bazaar Story: Ashirvad Kanti

Bazaar Story: Ashirvad Kanti

Bazaar Story: Ashirvad Kanti


(Nagpur, India) 

Ashirvad Kanti shines light into India’s darkest places. The devastating effects of COVID left many orphans and single mothers in India. Ashirvad Kanti is providing housing, food, education, and other support to these women and children. The ministry also offers job training to destitute women by teaching computer classes, cosmetology, and tailoring.

This summer, eight women graduated from Ashirvad Kanti’s inaugural cosmetology course. These graduates are now equipped to work in the field and become self-sufficient. The current course is a mix of young girls and married women. Some students aspire to own businesses in their homes while others hope to work in corporate beauty clinics.

The beautician course trainer is a former beneficiary of Ashirvad Kanti’s programs. She still lives in the same community and wants to help others develop self-sufficiency skills as well!


In the slums, people suffer from easily treated health issues. Ashirvad Kanti visits impoverished families through their mobile clinics. They provide medication like antibiotic wound cream, over-the-counter pain medication, and vitamins to the poor.


Pray for creativity and boldness for Ashirvad Kanti to continue to couple their social programs with the more critical preaching of the gospel. Also, pray for support and protection from the government in a culture increasingly hostile to Christianity.


In addition to prayer, Oakseed’s bazaar catalog offers tangible ways to provide for Ashirvad Kanti as they minister to women and children in the slums, including 

  • Educational resources for slum children: The gift of educational resources provides paper, pencils, notebooks, books, and other items for impoverished children to participate in school. 
  • Clothing and necessities for orphans: Most orphans arrive at Ashirvad Kanti with only the clothes on their backs. This gift provides additional sets of clothing and hygiene necessities. 
  • Slum mobile clinic supplies: Your gift provides medication like antibiotic wound cream, over-the-counter pain medication, and vitamins. Staff also refer more significant health issues to the local hospital. 
  • Women’s job training: This gift provides a woman with job training to provide for her family. Women in this program are proud of what they accomplish and bring dignity to their families.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will be given to Ashirvad Kanti to meet the critical needs of the slum community.  

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