Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

A late November report from Semear in Brazil:

JD Panorama

This November, we had a super cleaning effort in the Jardim Panorama community! Together, our volunteers, Zion church, and project students mobilized to clean the community’s common areas, which included the courts, alleys, and playground. In total, more than 6,000 liters of trash were collected. After all this work, we had a delicious picnic to celebrate the achievement.

This month’s heavy rains felled three trees in JD Panorama’s garden, destroying the space. We have already removed the trees and will start rebuilding the garden.

At FAZ, we made a small pond in the garden together with the teenagers. The work at FAZ is going very well, and we are building on this experience to start the garden at the neighborhood school.


It was much fun to collect the carrots with the children, who found them much sweeter and tastier than the ones at the market. CTA-18 has a new director, and everyone is adapting to the new format. Let us pray for wisdom as the hostel environment is very violent and tumultuous.


This month, we had the joy of welcoming two new partners who will help us from next year so that we can offer weekly activities at Mandelinha. They are the missionary Ismael, who works with the circus and is responsible for the young people at IBGV, and Pitico, an entertainer at The Way. This month, we harvested 186 lettuce plants that were distributed for donation and sold at the church.

Nucleo Bolha

The center’s vegetable garden is super productive, and families always take salad home. The Center still has documentation problems to operate at its location, and legal responses should arrive next month.

Prayer Points

  • Heavy rains have been punishing the city. Although we lost an entire vegetable garden and some families lost their roofs, the suffering and losses in our area were minimal compared to other regions of the country. Please pray for the Lord to provide for Semear to rebuild and use this trial to cause more of their community to look to Christ.
  • As Semear is able to share the gardens’ bounty with families in need and offer it at their local church, young people in the church have been energized to get involved in the church’s “outside” activities. Please pray for the Lord to encourage them in their labors and give more young people a vision of serving in their community.
  • JD Panorama has been struggling with drug trafficking problems. Please pray for peace and wisdom as their staff navigates these issues.