Meet Brazilian Baseball Association

Meet Brazilian Baseball Association

Meet Brazilian Baseball Association


Brazilian Baseball Association

Oakseed ministry partner since 2002


São José dos Campos, Brazil

Ministry Focus

Youth Evangelism and Training through Sports

About ABBS

Brazilian Baseball and Softball Association (ABBS) uses baseball to share the gospel with the children of São José dos Campos, Brazil. Youth from these communities lack access to quality education and community infrastructure and are at high risk of involvement with drugs, crime, and trafficking from a young age.

The director of ABBS came to Christ as a teen through JEAME’s prison ministry. After experiencing the transforming power of the gospel, he desired to point other young people to the hope he had found in Christ. ABBS developed out of this desire and has been growing for over 20 years now.

Players attend weekly baseball skills sessions and Bible studies. Each participant is given a new Bible, and the kids are excited to get to write their names and baseball positions on the inside covers. The director’s local church welcomes young people and their families into their fold for discipleship and fellowship, providing them with an alternative to the sense of “community” found in gang participation.

About Brazil

Brazil, the largest country in South America, shares a border with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador. Its largest city is São Paulo, home to about 23 million people. Brazil’s national team has won the World Cup soccer finals more than any other nation, and several famous soccer players hail from there. Baseball, however, is a relatively new and novel sport.

According to Operation World,

“Up to one-third of the populations of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo live in crime-filled slums… The battles between ganglords and police often make victims of the innocent. Brazil has 8 million children at risk, 7 million child laborers, and 600,000 girls in prostitution. Some churches and agencies help children through orphanages and job training ministries, but it is not enough.”

Liaison Notes

Oakseed has enjoyed a partnership with ABBS for over 30 years. Baseball is virtually unknown in Brazil and is a novelty, which helps to attract children to the ministry. Through this outreach, children are taught baseball and the Word of God.

Prayer Points

  1. On Tuesdays, ABBS has been hosting a group of young people for prayer and Bible study. Please pray for the Lord to bless these times by bringing about fruit of repentance, faith, and spiritual growth.
  2. ABBS rejoices that one of their young people is currently participating on the worship team at their church. Please pray for the Lord to grow this young man in faith, love, and steadfastness and bring many more of the kids to repentance and faith in Him.

Oakseed offers several ways to support ABBS in its mission to bring the gospel to its community, including prayer resources and financial support. Please visit our prayer or bazaar catalog pages for more information.