Ministry Update: Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya)

Ministry Update: Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya)

Ministry Update: Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya)

An Update on School Visitations in February and March

Kenya and Africa in general still need the clear preaching of the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ especially in light of the quick spreading of fake teachings of ‘prosperity, wealth, and health that is causing a lot of havoc. “The prosperity gospel – the promise of abundant wealth as a sign of God’s blessing – is one of the most prominent features of charismatic Christianity in Africa, and also one of the most contested. In many of the popular charismatic mega-churches in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, pastors preach the health and wealth gospel; they promise material wealth to congregants as a sign of God’s blessing and at the same time strongly encourage church members to give generously in church.” (Karen Lauterbach, Faith in African Lived Christianity)

We thank the Lord for His faithful provision that has enabled us to support 27 students this year.  Of the 27, we have received nine new students in the program. In late February and the beginning of March, we went to visit the students in their respective schools. During such visits, we get the opportunity to share the gospel with them apart from just encouraging them in their academics. We also give basic hygiene supplies to the students most of whom come from very needy backgrounds.

Cornelius is among the nine new needy students in the program. He lives with his grandmother and has to walk a long distance daily to school.


Victoria’s terminally ill father abandoned the family. Victoria dropped from school, and Grace Baptist Church Kericho, one of KNOC’s partnering churches, reached out to her family with the Gospel. Her mother is now a member of the church, and Victoria has also believed and is set to be added to the membership. The church reached out to KNOC to help them support Victoria to go back to school. She is now in her second year.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the students who have returned to school after their half-term rest to live out their faith away from the church and their parents, since some of them are in boarding schools.
  • Pray for some of the students who are yet to come to faith that the Lord may be pleased to save them.
  • Pray for fruit from their 2024 teens retreat this month.
  • Thank God with them for successful school visits, and pray that their visit and sharing of the gospel will bear much fruit.
  • Pray for provision for this year as they are hoping to begin supporting at least seven students in colleges and universities across the country.