Ministry Update: Jars of Oil Mission Africa (Uganda)

Ministry Update: Jars of Oil Mission Africa (Uganda)

Ministry Update: Jars of Oil Mission Africa (Uganda)

A Report from JOMA’s End-of-Year Board Meeting

JOMA’S Mission is to share the love of Christ through acts of compassion, as mandated by the Holy Scriptures. It believes that sharing the love of Christ through acts of compassion is essential, embodying the teachings of empathy, kindness, and selflessness, fostering a tangible connection between faith and positive impact on individuals’ lives.

The central theme uniting all JOMA’S programs is the importance of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, which will shape the perspectives of grandparents and their children as they confront challenges. JOMA believes that a biblical worldview holds significance for the spirituality of grannies and the orphans they care for, providing a moral and spiritual foundation that can guide their beliefs, values, and sense of purpose in life. It can offer a framework for understanding challenges, fostering resilience, and nurturing a sense of community and compassion.

JOMA’s board held a meeting in December to review the organization’s progress and plans. The board members expressed great joy and satisfaction in observing the substantial growth that JOMA has experienced over the past year. The meeting noted significant positive progress among the families, with previously less active grannies now actively participating in their kitchen gardens. These gardens contribute to their sustenance and serve as a source of empowerment and responsibility. The children have shown significant all-around progress. They are progressing well in school and are more aware of what they need to do on their part to improve their lives. They are passionate about the Bible study sessions and endeavor to attend every Saturday. More children have been able to memorize the Bible verses in their local language.

JOMA “Family Day” gathering

JOMA has three main areas of focus for this year, and we ask for prayer for each of these:

Health & Nutrition

This involves improving nutrition to alleviate hunger and helping the grannies with health care as needed. Many of these families struggle to provide even a single meal each day. To help supplement their diets, JOMA recently introduced a “Grannie’s Kitchen Garden” initiative. These small gardens, manageable for children to water, not only alleviate immediate food shortages but also serve as a model for the children to embrace gardening as a sustainable practice for their future homes.

The children have utilized old mosquito nets to shield the plants from chickens and pests. Although not the optimal method, the innovation is certainly commendable. JOMA plans to collaborate with experienced agriculturalists to advise families on acceptable and effective practices.

  • Please pray for the Lord to provide food for these families while teaching them to hunger and thirst for Him.
  • Pray for the grannies to know hope in Christ as they face challenging health situations related to aging and illness.

Two of JOMA’s children received awards for good behavior at school.

Education and Skill Building

JOMA holds the belief that without education, these already vulnerable children are at risk of various forms of abuse, and it is committed to ensuring that every child in the program receives an education that empowers them to be independent and self-sufficient. Quality educational initiatives are crucial in establishing a solid foundation for their future. Additionally, for older children who had to discontinue their schooling due to circumstances following their parents’ death, JOMA offers an opportunity for vocational training to provide them with income-generating skills for sustainable livelihoods.

Thanks to Oakseed’s assistance, JOMA has provided every granny and child with a Bible. However, a considerable number of them face literacy challenges and require assistance in reading the Bible. As children enroll in school, they expect an increasing number of them to start reading the Bible independently and comprehending its content. Meanwhile, every Saturday, the children actively participate in Bible study conducted in the local language.

  • Please pray for the Lord to help the children do well in their studies, providing compassionate and wise teachers and advocates who will understand each child’s situation and tailor instruction to their needs and abilities.
  • Pray for the Lord to grow the children’s reading ability and comprehension so they can read and study God’s Word.

Saturday kids’ Bible studies.

One of the grannies’ houses that JOMA hopes to replace this year.

Improved Shelter

Efforts to empower families are often ineffective without secure housing. With the assistance of Oakseed, JOMA has already successfully constructed one granny’s home and installed solar lighting for another grandmother and her children, and they have plans for several more. They built one house for a granny who passed away in the fall. Having a home of their own has ensured the security of her children, preventing them from becoming homeless after her passing.

  • Please pray for the Lord to help JOMA provide safe housing for each of the grannies and their children.
  • Pray for each family to find refuge in Christ and see how His provision demonstrates His great love and faithfulness to them.