Ministry Update: Emanuel House (Dominican Republic)

Ministry Update: Emanuel House (Dominican Republic)

Ministry Update: Emanuel House (Dominican Republic)

Last month, Dr. Rick Horne, Oakseed Liaison to Africa and the Dominican Republic, visited Emanuel House in the Dominican Republic. Here are some notes from his visit.

A major cause for praise at Emanuel House is the gift of funds from Oakseed to build three new classrooms, bathrooms, and a storage room. Additional donations provided necessary plumbing and electrical upgrades for the existing building. Emanuel House had been bursting at the seams and struggling to maintain its current facilities and provide needed space for the children and staff at the school, so this is an answer to prayer and a blessing to the school.

Another cause for praise is that the government has picked up several teachers for its Ministry of Education payroll, in addition to covering the salary for two cooks, a cleaning lady, and a librarian. This has been a great blessing to the school, as the arrangement still allows them to hire godly, like-minded teachers (they are still required to subscribe to Emanuel House’s statement of faith and values) while allowing them to stretch their funds and see their staff paid for their labors.

For several years, Emanuel House has operated a community water program as an outreach to their neighbors. They have one of the only wells in town and have used it to bottle and sell clean water to the community. In addition to providing the residents of the town, several local sports teams, and people in outlying areas with safe, clean drinking water, the income from this project completely covers the school’s electricity costs and salaries for five of their full-time staff. Their water system has recently passed a governmental inspection. They have been granted permits to sell water across the country, so they are evaluating their needs for maintenance and upgrade of the system, containers, and displays for this project. The goal is to use the funds from these sales to provide funds for their community feeding program.

Emanuel House desires to see their community changed by the gospel and many brought to faith in Christ. They host a monthly community outreach, inviting the teachers, local pastors, musicians, staff, and high schoolers to meet on their basketball court for worship and a gospel message. They have also partnered with a local pastor, who is beginning a home visitation program with people they’ve connected with through the water program.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the children and their families to see God’s provision for the school and believe in the God who sees and provides for His people.
  • Pray for wisdom for Emanuel House in navigating relationships with the government and hiring godly, like-minded teachers and staff for the school.
  • Pray for the Lord to grow the teachers and staff in faith, love, and steadfastness and use them to bring the gospel to the children and their families.
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to use the water program to grow gospel relationships between Emanuel House and the community, and pray for fruit from the home visitation program.

Part of the water bottling program.

Morning praise time.

One of the new classrooms – this class used to meet in a tent!