Oakseed’s Unique Ministry Model

Oakseed’s Unique Ministry Model

Oakseed’s Unique Ministry Model

One of the joys of having ministry liaisons who cultivate relationships with new ministries is that there is no shortage of ministry opportunities to serve and bless. The needs and requests worldwide are overwhelming, and our prayer is that the Lord will continue to sustain and that supporters will give generously to meet the needs of the ministries that the Lord desires Oakseed to partner with. Prayer is powerful, and in following God’s leading, we trust that if the Lord brings ministries into partnership with Oakseed, He will also supply the resources to fulfill those needs. We desire to be faithful stewards and treat what has been entrusted to Oakseed with an open hand, following God’s leading.

No two ministries are alike at Oakseed. Since Oakseed doesn’t send missionaries or plant ministries, each partner is unique. Oakseed finds and partners with Christians who have grown up in the slums, on the streets, or in orphanages. Knowing the power of Christ to transform their lives, they’ve chosen to stay in these same communities to serve others, ministering to their physical needs and sharing the gospel in the ways most needed in their specific community.

Though each partner’s focus and strategies differ, common threads weave through all of Oakseed’s ministry partners: a heart for the urban poor, a clear calling from the Lord, a commitment to sharing the gospel message, and sacrificial leadership. Oakseed comes alongside these faithful servants and provides the support and resources necessary to continue to follow the Lord’s calling. 

The biggest challenge Oakseed faces for the growth of our ministry and the expansion to bring on new partnerships is the funds and prayer support to sustain the work the Lord is calling us to.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for wisdom for Oakseed and our ministry liaisons as we decide which ministries to partner with and how to do so.
  • Please pray for the Lord to continue to raise up local believers around the world to be transformed by the gospel, see the needs of the people in their communities, and commit to faithfully ministering to physical and spiritual needs.
  • Please pray for the Lord to provide prayer support and funds for Oakseed to expand to serve additional ministry partners.

Ministry to women and children in the slums in India.

Ministry to the visually impaired in Chile.

Ministry to schoolchildren and families in the Dominican Republic.

Ministry to women and orphans in Ethiopia.

Ministry to malnourished babies and their families in El Salvador.

Ministry to orphans and widows in Myanmar.